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Solution for mods in Gta Vice City Steam Version

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You can use any mods in Grand Theft Auto Vice City Steam version.

The GTA Vice City Steam version has two executables:

testapp.exe and gta-vc.exe

The ".EXE" SecureROM protection has been removed and replaced with code from Valve that asks the Steam software if they own the game or not. It's likely that the addresses changed in the EXE. That's why some mods doesn't work with the Steam version of the game.

There is a simple solution:

1- Backup original testapp.exe and gta-vc.exe in:

C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

2- Get a retail crack (gta-vc.exe) version 1.0

3- Rename retail crack gta-vc.exe to testapp.exe and copy to:

C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Grand Theft Auto Vice City

Don't delete the "gta_vc.exe" Steam version from main folder! The Steam checks if it exists.

4- Fix the "Unhandled Exception" error:

a) Delete "gta_vc.set" file from your \Documents\GTA Vice City User Files.

b) Open the Start menu, in the search box type "advanced system settings".

c) One result will appear, click it.

d) In the window that opens, click the Advanced tab, then the first Settings button.

e) Go to the "Data Execution Prevention" tab, and click "Add..." to add an exception.

f) Browse to your "gta-vc.exe" (steam version) and select it.

g) Do the same to "testapp.exe" (your retail crack v1.0 renamed).

h) Now "OK" all the dialogs until they're closed.

5- Savegame Conversion

If you have Vice City savegame steam version, than you must convert it to retail version. The Steam version of savegames and retail version of savegames are diferents. Here is a tool to convert savegames between Steam and retail version:

Otherwise you can ignore the savegame conversion and start a new game.

You can start the game by clicking on desktop shortcut or Steam "play button", bypassing the Valve verification code. This procedure works because Steam does not store GTA Vice City savegames and Valve verification code is bypassed. Now you can use any mods in Vice City Steam version and the game will works with no problems. That´s all done.

Now the game will works fine. Have a nice game!


1- Widescreen Fixes Pack.

Widescreen Fix Pack: GTA 1, 2, 3, Vice City and San Andreas. Get Widescreen Fixes Pack here:


Cigano Ygor

Edited by CiganoYgor
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I'll definitely be giving this a shot, Thank you.

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Ghost Pulaski

I'd rather just buy a V1 disc or download it with Torrent.

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i installed gta vc polish translation mod and i got other file GTAVC and my main file is gta-vc hope it can work!

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