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Join Gang, Police, Merryweather, ect dlc.


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Everybody want a biker dlc, gangsta dlc, or motorcycle dlc. I think I have a dlc idea that will solve all of that.

The DLC would give you the option to join any gang that exist in San Andreas and created by Rockstar. But not just gang maybe, Police, F.I.B., Merryweather, ect too.

Say you join The Families, then the Ballas will harass you walking down their turf like they do with Franklin. So basically you join one gang, the rival's will act different to you, and other gangs might act a little different towards you as well. Same if you're not in the gang, but help them out which I will get to in a little bit.

In the same aspect your gang will show respect to you as you walk down their turf. (When I say gang I'm including Police and other organizations you can join.)

There should be a separate Respect/Reputation bar for gang whether you're the gang or not. Say you shoot Family gang members, help the Ballas, ect your bar will go down for Families. As you would guess you do mission for the gang, and do things to support them the respect goes up. Like the good/bad bar in Red Dead Redemption, just don't have it to the point where the rival gang kills you on sight, like with the lost and Trevor, because that would be annoying. Don't show us the HUD every time you kill a gang member, and maybe the option to turn this gang reputation off so they can shootouts with their gang without having to worry about their Rep for said gang. In fact don’t move down too much for killing gang members, because then it might feel limited.

When you rise up the ranks in a gang, clothing options, cars/bikes, gun tints, relating to that crew should be should be available to you. Example: face bandanna and ghetto cars for the Families, new bikes, leather jackets for motorcycle clubs. Police uniforms and police cars for the Police and so on. I don't think the vehicles should be exclusive to other players who don't want to be involved in a gang, just free for the gang members. Say call a gang member and they'll deliver it to you.

That's all I got, but I honestly think this would make the game more immerse. Forgot to add special mission for those in the gang. All in all, I think would give us other motivation than money in Gta Online. And it would be cool, think about it, you're friends in a gang and you could do the middle man thing like Niko. A lot more possibilities.

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