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Topic won't load at first try


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For some weeks, every time I try entering the topic below, this comes up 90% of the times I try to enter it, and to load it, I just need to reload the page. I can also recall this happening with another topic from the same forum. I always click the little message icon, which redirects you to the first unread post from the topic. Why does this happen?



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I reported this issue 3 months ago, they said they were looking into it and I wasn't the only one with the issue.


It only happens on threads that have a lot of images on them for some reason. You can view my thread here.

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I actually noticed that the "getnewpost" thing in the link is what seems to be mucking things up, because if I remove it I can seem to go to the latest read page with no issue. If it's there, it returns a blank page.


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Or maybe the last page just has a lot of screenshots? I've only gotten this issue on threads with a lot of images, like the Screenshots thread in the Mod Showroom.


Get last post works fine on every other thread for me.

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That happens to me too. I think it's just a Chrome thing, but it's always that one topic that does it for me.

Nothing a simple "F5" won't fix.


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I'm on Firefox and nine times out of ten I try to load or edit my topic, I get the same as Vanto.


I'm not sure it's to do with image load. This has happened ever since I had blank posts with no more than "reserved" in them. An almost entirely image-based thread like this opens with no problem. What's going wrong?

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