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What do you regret buying?


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My worst $50 was buying a bean bag that looked big on the packaging but it turned out small.


What's your worst?

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Probably the one I lost.


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Bought some cigarillos that were WAY too mild =((


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$50 is a little too narrow for an entire topic.


E - Actually, let's broaden the subject a bit. Title edited.


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The Harwood Bitcher

A videogame called "blood drive" ,looked really cool but was really generic and difficult to play

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OT: I regret the time I buyed a present for my gf and we broke up a few days later. Still, it wasn't too expensive and we're friends, so it doesn't bothers me that much.

Edited by AlexanderS4
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Premium membership on GTAF. Now I'm stuck with all of these mod powers.


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Sim City Societies.


I loved Sim City 4 and played the sh*t out of it. I read pretty much nothing about Societies and just assumed it would be awesome like it's predecessor. Boy was a I wrong. They completely ruined it. I mean they really f*cked it up. Just absolutely curled a big steaming pile of crap out, it was horrendous. I think that's the most disappointed that I've ever been with a game. It wasn't so much a city building/running sim, more a simulation of what it'd be like to have a tramp throw his piss in your eyes.

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Over-G-Fighters, it's a Xbox 360 game and I thought it looked good, put it in and it was absolutely sh*t. Such a boring fighter jet game, I had a game similar to it on the PS2 called Energy Airforce, Aim Strike and it is ten times better than the sh*tty Over G game.


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Algonquin Assassin

GTA IV Signature V4 by Lettermaniac on DeviantArt

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