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Official Swamp Fox Recruitment


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Multi-Platform Crew/Clan; Primarily Xbox 360


Swamp Fox

Hello, and welcome to the Official Swamp Fox PMC recruitment center thread. While small, Swamp Fox is a powerful organization, seeking steady growth, and expansion across many fields of battle. With our headquarters currently stationed in sunny San Andreas, we can promise new recruits plenty of time for surf, sun, and fun, but more on that later.

Key Beliefs

Excellence Through Training

Here at Swamp Fox PMC, we put a serious stake in our efforts to perfect, and maintain a level of maturity and skill necessary to cope with any such event that should arise in regards to funding, or the continued lives and safety of our recruits.

To achieve this goal, the Swamp Fox Leadership offers various training courses to develop skills necessary to the longevity of the individual. Be it a group run through the mountains, or long time spent at the range with our marksmen, you can be assured that any and all skills that you need to be a better soldier, will be perfected.

​Victory Through Superior Stratagem and Tactics

​Whether it be through exploitation of an exposed flank, guerrilla tactics designed to draw our enemies out of hiding, or dropping a multi-ton main battle tank directly on top of an enemy position, Swamp Fox prides itself in taking the easiest, shortest route to victory.

Each mission, upon completion, is further reviewed. Failures, flaws, and mistakes are picked out, and new strategies are devised. While these methods may not be faster than the old, every effort is put forth to insure the safety of those under Swamp Fox employ, and the ease at which their mission can be completed.

Open Doors

We also realize that the leadership doesn't always have all the answers. Perhaps our most important belief, is that everyone's opinion should be noted. Regardless of whether or not such an opinion or idea is taken into the fold of things, each new voice has the potential to shed new light on preexisting dilemmas or problems. We encourage individuals to politely speak their opinion on various matters, but also ask that each individual respectfully accept input from their leadership.


No member of Swamp Fox is required to fly our flag at all times. However; During missions, all those under Swamp Fox employ are required to present themselves in some form of battle garment. Due to the nature of a PMC, no standard battle dress is issued, and anything that the individual believes will keep them protected and camouflaged in battle is suitable. Many of our recruits choose to dress in a flight suit, it's standardized decor and ease of access making friend or foe designation easier.


Once again, due to the nature of a PMC, no standard vehicle is issued at this time. Whatever the individual believes will suit them best on and off the road is suitable enough. However; we ask that individuals not use non-approved, or blacklisted, vehicles as crew transportation. This simply means that these vehicles be kept from crew events, and used in missions only in an emergency, with every effort put forth to deploy in crew vehicles.

In keeping with this, a lengthy, and ever growing, list of approved vehicles will be given to new recruits on request. A preview is available below.



Buffalo S


SUVS And Trucks:

BeeJay XL


Dubsta 6x6



BF Bifta



Carbon RS

Multiple Fronts

Swamp Fox is ever expanding it's operations. Starting off small, but hitting hard, our small personnel base has expanded operations into foreign, war torn provinces, accumulating hardware otherwise inaccessible in San Andreas. http://www.warfacexbox.com/

Our armored division, blasting enemy artillery and tanks to smoldering slag. http://worldoftanksxbox360edition.com/

Or, even into space, surgically striking the opposition in small squads of super soldiers. https://warframe.com/ PC only

(Further details for these other games can be acquired for those interested, but not interested in the GTA crew)

Work Hard, Play Hard

At Swamp Fox, we also believe that hard work should be met with equally hard play. Whether is be a beach party, sight-seeing road trip, or even a more serious, lengthy Grand Prix racing series, every effort is exerted to help insure that the money earned by recruits is well lived, and well spent.

Rapid Expansion

As a final statement, while our personnel base is small, and in need of growth, we will only accept those who will take a serious, tactical approach towards missions and objectives. We pride ourselves in taking a much more resolved approach to our engagements, and find that a well placed fist is often as effective, if not more-so, than a hail of lead.

For those of you interested in recruitment options, or simply learning more, feel free to contact the leadership either here, through private message, or on Xbox @ Dominus Taranis or That Sly Bandit . An Interview will be set up for those interested.

Duis Perficit


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