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"Open Driving" .. PS3 Cruise Lobby , Camera Rolling..

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- Open Driving Lobby -


Basically all I do is drive in this game & recently i've been recording clips for a Stunt, Drift, & "Airborne" Montage(s) I'll be releasing on YouTube soon. SO! This Lobby is for people who don't scratch the paint.

Even if they are flipping thru the air. Sometime's I will be out cruising with you, sometime's I will be in my Apartment spectating various players to try and get a good angle for recording.



  • Absolutely No Killing
  • If you want to Box, Hands Only do out of town.. people don't want to run into the fed coming 150 mph around the corner. That good have been the mother shot.. you never know.
  • If numerous people have Mic's try to keep your voice down when the Host is speaking.
  • Use your phone to have 1 v 1 conversation's with another player.
  • Don't be an annoying cry baby, maniac, or creep.
  • Have fun!


  • Anytime I AM ONLINE. Normally 8:00 pm - 2:00am (Central Time)



The cool thing is, this is ALL I do. So, anytime I am online I will start a Open Friends Lobby. Therefor you guys won't have to bug me for invites. Simply go to Start Menu > Friends Tab > [FckAllYalll] > Join Game



PSN: FckAllYalll

..Or my 2nd in command: Chunky0297

Edited by FckAllYalll

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Anybody want to come by the docks hitting ramps right now.


Add me.

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Wat a psn name lol

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