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Content Creator Wishlist


Recommended Posts

I can't see it in the OP (or at least if it's there in I missed it because I'm stupid.


For races.


Ability to place starting grid before placing trigger when creating races, it's very frustrating sometimes when you have an idea for a place to run a race and find you can't place the grid, so then have to move the trigger then try again. Or at least let us place a trigger, then place a grid and make us move the trigger once we've placed?


Ability to run shorter laps, I have lots of ideas for little Kart or Rallycross type tracks which I can't make because they are too short, but at 5 laps or so would make a great little race.


Also a little bit like the ideas already mentioned about stacked grids for non contact races and delayed starts, I would like to see the option to have the stacked grids and everyone starting together only with no ghost cars shown. So you race and don't know the result till you get to end.

Edited by doubleg213
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  • 3 weeks later...

Some other suggestions

Ability to filter job invites (either by text or type, eg. filter that one does not want to receive melee deathmatch invites, or invites containing certain text strings in title or description, like eg. if contains "$$$" "000" "Glitch" "Hack" "Parkour" etc)

Respawn areas for capture creator work properly in elevated levels- If I try to make capture respawns on rooftops, parking garages, or construction sites it will instead respawn players on ground level, even a block or two away- terrible.

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I am sure this has been brought up. If it has.. kudos to you for having a like mind.


I think there should be an option for foggy on the weather selection. Time of day current and FOGGY. That would be pretty awesome for some jobs around the cemetery. It would also make racing a bit more difficult and challenging.


Deathmatches should have the capability of having more than 100 props. I want to create a huge forest of my own or being able to use the white cabins as Legos to make cool things. I feel so limited.


You should also be able to change the forced weapon while hosting your own job. I get asked all the time to change it from this to that. Why not just make it changeable if you're the creator? Instead of having go into the creator itself?

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With Rockstar saying that no new content will be made for last gen consoles and saying that there are almost unlimited possibilities in content creation for the current gen consoles, it would really be awesome if they looked into the content creator and gave us better options for creations. I know most of the time when creating content the model memory is almost never reaching a high level when props, weapons and so on are maxed out. It would be nice to see the ability to add more props to the creator to make an even better experience. Additionally it would be awesome for users to be able to have an expanded tool set where they could create missions for the game that pose a harder challenge that most of the rinse and repeat missions that Rockstar has given us. More so when the gauntlet of Rockstar created missions has been run and boredom sits in. With their announcement that GTA online has turned into an amazingly profitable venture for them compared to single player, one would think that Rockstar would go that extra mile to create the option to make single player missions and more indepth user made creations. Just some thoughts.

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Wow! I was hoping to see prop templates to be a possible feature for the creator and they actually did it :)

Edit: Prop stacking is so much easier now. You can rotate the prop however you'd like and stack them to make interiors, structures, etc. Though, the prop stacking is not entirely seamless when you're stacking in midair but it's still better than what we had before. Here's some pics:


Edited by Modojo
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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 3 weeks later...

Some changes i would like..


In gta mode races..


make actors available for protecting checkpoints or roadblocks.

make phone available for calling lester or lamar and merryweather.

when testing a gta race exit car and climb, jump (trying to make cannonball race but impossible to test because cant climb to reach checkpoint when in testmode. So testmode should be altered.

Make an option to turn normal prop into dynamic.

Make all vihecles available. Like sea or air. When creating i would like to combine all race modes.. (Triatlhon etc.)


When combining all modes : races, deathmatch, LTS we could make our own mission to play.



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  • 5 weeks later...

Personally i would like more NPC options in capture creator(ft zancudo soldiers, sheriff, highway patrol...), interiors enabled along with the yacht and the carrier from heists and,of course, increased number limit of actors(30 would be cool). My captures would be sooo sick with all that... :miranda:

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  • 4 weeks later...
grand theft spaghetti

its fun but needs alot more work.

like making the camera have a ghost mode so it doesnt get stuck inside barriers.

Edited by grand theft spaghetti
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I like to see more old school and classic cars.. Just like the Vapid Slamvan or Albany Roosevelt :D

Grand Theft Auto Online is really needing this kind of cars, they already put some great and awesome ones.

Keep this kind of cars up in the game!



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  • 4 weeks later...

rockets vs insurgents on the bridge by the military base with no tanks or extra bullsh*t or buildings for people to climb. just straight up rockets vs insurgent

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Richard Power Colt

Adversary modes are gaining popularity. I wonder if they're cooking up a creator for them, wouldn't mind that. A contact mission creator would be the real blessing for GTA Online though.

Edited by Nutsack McQueen
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I think we are in need of more props. We have at least 30+ barriers but a majority of them are either the worn out or made of wood. It would be nice to have metal platforms or barriers to make feasible interiors.

They also need to increase the prop capacity to 150. Tried to build myself TDM mother base but it was already at its limit.


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Ability to remove NPC's.....


They're bloody annoying in races. One pedestrian might just ruin your whole race. I don't understand why they aren't considered 'Traffic' and are removed if traffic is turned off

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I wish that whenever adding a checkpoint in between others or when editing a checkpoint, they'd actually face the way I place them. When placing them, they'll just change their direction and there's nothing to do about that. Just imagine people respawning at those checkpoints facing the completely wrong way the race goes.

Edited by Braulioaej
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Richard Power Colt

Ability to place NPC's.


I want this for 'Scene Creator' in 'Director Mode' too.

You can actually do this in the capture creator. I think they should be added for other modes as well.

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Checkpoint hit precision control


In bike races I put checkpoints at places to which you have to stunt. Too often the checkpoint is triggered from too far away, or at ground level without needing the player to do the stunt. I'd like some control over this. If you move the checkpoint further away it becomes less visible.



Remove annoying camera change restrictions


If I need to change to third person why must the ground be level?



Fix vehicle-type bugs


When making a BMX-only race, every time you Save, the vehicle type switches to cars and you have to open / close Vehicles Allowed to reset it.



Non-functional checkpoints


I want checkpoints that are purely directional markers, non-functional floating arrows, as a guide to more difficult routes. Putting actual checkpoints can reduce run-up speed needed for some stunts.



Remove the "Wrong Way" message


It usually fires incorrectly. It gets in the way. It's annoying. It's dumb.

Edited by Jehannum
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  • 2 weeks later...

Ability to either have a Custom Play Area shape or maybe the option to have a flat bottomed dome instead of the round ball in LTS.


Trying to make jobs on a roof for LTS and if people go to a level before they are still in the area. It can really limit what you are trying to do.







Also just as a general thing a level option, something where if you place something in the air and rotate it you can click to level it out, would make creating things and making jobs in the sky so much easier. Because of the camera angles it's often not that easy to see things are level.


Maybe also a "maintain height" option or something as well or instead. So that anything you place stays at the same height. It would save so much time. Either that or let us build things on the ground and then have some way to raise the entire job into the air.

Edited by doubleg213
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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 3 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

I think this has already been said, but I want buses to be usable in custom races. I can understand due to their size it would require additional tweaking of starting points and checkpoints, but thats easily overcome.


The idea of having races in the mountains or races with lots of speed boosts....while driving buses would be fun as Hell. Please do this Rockstar.

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  • 4 weeks later...

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