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Content Creator Wishlist


Recommended Posts

  • 5 weeks later...

I'd like to see a variation of the rounds system where instead of it taking two rounds to win you can switch it to making it two rounds you play. I can't tell you how many times a capture or LTS has dragged out to four rounds instead of the planned two because both of the teams were both criss-crossing in wins.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Land race: ability to put props under bridges / into tunnels. Ideally, have complete control for tunnel creation - e,g: separate lanes of traffic with props, for a double back in a land race.

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- Enable props and capture objects to be placed on the back of vehicles (flatbed, rebel etc)


- Enable actors to be placed on the back of vehicles (rebel, sandking) so they don't fall out when it drives off


- Add crates/containers to the dynamic menu that can be picked up by the Dock Handler or Cargobob

Edited by sleepwalk1980
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Container capture obects? :) to be lifted by the cargobob as well?


I was thinking more like containers or boxes that can be moved around. For example, put a capture object on top of the container stacks at the dock and then you have to climb up to get it. But you cant climb up until you have moved boxes around to help you to reach it.


Or you could pick them up with the cargobob and make roadblocks or something. Or the cargobob could load them onto the flatbed truck...

Edited by sleepwalk1980
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Not so much a capture as I don't think it would work but similar to it. I wish there was a move in, secure, extract type job. Doesn't have to be in the creator it's where you battle your way to an object against NPCs to the objective this is the "move in" bit then you have to defend it against say a couple of waves (3-5 depending on diffeculty) of enemies (NPSs again) this is the "secure" bit. Then finally "extraction" capture the objective and drive, fly or sail to a pick up.... again being chased by NPCs :p.

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I have a great idea!

Job Source Settings

Open source: Allows other creators to view this job in the creator, save it as a copy, open it in their creator, then edit it. Credit will be given to original job.

Viewable source: Job can be viewed, but it cannot be copied.

Closed source: Jib cannot be viewed or copied.


In GTA IV, the host could set game settings like friendly fire and stuff. Please add that, with settings like no climbing things and others!

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And the music settings should be two settings:

1: Genres

This setting is a list of genres. It's a checkbox list. The genres of music that will play in your job have a checkmark next to them.

2: Songs

This setting is a list of songs of the genres that were ticked in the list. Same as above, tick on the song that you will allow to play during your job. You can also set a certain order of songs to play, like a playlist. To hear the song, press square to listen to it, and triangle to set the playlist. X is to tick the boxes.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Really really like this. Some fave suggestions: ability to snap props to eachother (!); to turn off map/hud/radar (!); make camera non-contact in aerial view (! x 10); ability to host own creation as spectator; ease up on flat surface restriction (!); Non-Contact (Temporary) option; race grid start organized by previous placement, etc; too many great standout suggestions in top suggestions - deathmatch creator to name; ability to turn off bulletproof helmets (! No ****! We obviously should have had this ages ago and it's utterly ridiculous not to! Nails in coffin for DM/LTS); ability to turn off kill/win streak screen/perks and phone options (!); category disabling option for owned+pickups (no doubt!); improved freeaim matchmaking; ability to make/edit playlists on SC; random created job option on vote menu (!)

If I may add suggestions:
ability to turn off homing options for weapons/vehicles (eg. turn off homing missiles for Hydra, Lazer, Buzzard, Savage)


ability to set GTA races to forced+pickups

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Sadly, none of these great ideas are even possible in whatever engine they use to run creator. What's the opposite of create.. That's what they shoulda called it. If you look at games with true creators (halo, the trials games) you'll see an entirely different engine at work. Trials allows any prop to be placed anywhere, letting you phase props into one another etc. Also gives you an absurdly comprehensive set of tools to work with which let you CREATE complicated things, even scripts and sh*t. Halo's Forge is closer to what I often fantasize Creator to be. It has the phasing as well. Also XYZ & degree coordinates that help tremendously. Not to mention you and a friend can build stuff at the same time (oh the memories..). The bottom line, you'll never see these great ideas come to life unless creator gets a complete overhaul and the moment I noticed the word "beta" missing I knew it was over. There's lots of good games coming out soon. Let GTA die, it would surely send a message to Rockstar. They'd then know the power that creator could have if everyone left (all the ones who matter, I'm not talking about the ones who throw sticky bombs in free roam - they can play all they want). If it's an uprising you want, then prove it. Just stop playing the game. After this recent blunder I have found alternate ways to continue creating but there's still a select few that are either impossible or flat out broken as sh*t. Why do I continue playing & trying. I don't have a single thing to gain from gritting my teeth and pushing on. That's sending the wrong message. f*ck em in their butts, I say.

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Can we add one in there - the actor patrol radius seems to be broken. The red dome changes size but the number in the menu doesn't move from 5.0m so I'm not sure if stationary / wander actually work anymore. Not had chance to test it yet.

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Has there ever been word on a Survival mode creator? That would be much better for me, than creating my own stuff for modes I will never play.

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when trying to test an unarmed deathmatch yesterday, I was unable to use melee attacks during the test

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Welp...LSIA and Fort Zancudo are now unlocked in the creator in the Ill Gotten Gains Part 2 Update...

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Don't forget to update the list by DELETING (not adding) a few of these suggestions now they HAVE BEEN FIXED!

If I might say a big thanks to Stronk from everyone here for all the work.

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Advanced Settings:


Additional Settings when placing a Weapon & Forced Weapons:


Class: Assault Rifles

Weapon: Carbine Rifle

Ammo: 0/9999

Scope: On/Off

Grip: On/Off

Supressor: On/Off

Show on Map: On/Off


*Also gives us the option to give teams custom weapon sets. Example: Team 1 Forced Weapons are Pistols, Shotguns & Grenades. All of which would have specific options mentioned above.


Additional Settings when placing a Vehicle & Respawn Vehicles.


Class: Sports

Vehicle: Buffalo



Health: 0%/100%

Bulletproof Tires On/Off

Turbo On/Off

Access: Team 1/2/3/4

Show on Map: On/Off


Feel free to replace my initial take on advanced settings and replace it with this.

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Richard Power Colt

I kinda wish instead of having all these different creators for different modes, there would be one big all-in-one creator which would basically consist of all the options we have in all the creators. We could just choose the objectives within the creator and the objectives would determine the game mode. I think it should also allow us to add multiple different objectives into one job which would make it a vs mission or something. Or a co-op mission if you could place every player into the same team. Hell it could change from vs to co-op during the match. Maybe have these checkpoints that change the rules of the job completely once you hit them. This is probably some next level sh*t though that will never happen.


Also I want the ability to use R* editor videos as cutscenes for jobs.

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Another suggestion/idea: Passive capture game type.


We know r* stated that It's possible to create passive capture in the creator but if players don't follow the objective then it's useless. A passive capture can only work if both teams phase through each other (similar to non-contact racing) while doing the same objective in either the same location or in two completely different areas. This would make it interesting to see which team can finish first and earn the most cash.


Another option to make passive captures more challenging would include setting a limited amount of lives for each player aka "hardcore". For instance, each player has 3 lives to complete the objective. If one team have used up their lives then the opposing team wins. If not, then it's still a race from there on.


Basically, this game type is combination of a capture, LTS, and a suedo mission style objective. Plus, the mission time stats might actually be useful for this game type. It's currently a basic idea for now since I have to think about balancing capture points.

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- Raise up teams number to 30(16) for NG&PC(OG) in capture mode. So every player have own team in a full lobby which is important for racing/triathlon style jobs.

-capture objects raise up to 30(16), too.

- setup in the lobby how many team will be active.

- Reduce distance to 2m for placing different team start points.

- Team balance on/off for capture jobs.

- Choice to make a share base for all teams.


Note: becouse my triathlons and races are limited without this settings. You can see there:


Edited by HorrA1985
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Training Facility. Run-N-Gun Team Deathmatch. 2-8, 4-16 Players.


No R1 | No camp | No corner shot | No helmet | Rifles or pistol


- Run-N-Gun #9 (http://rsg.ms/f9964b7)

- Run-N-Gun #10 (http://rsg.ms/567fc62)

- Run-N-Gun #11 (http://rsg.ms/48284ce)


- Talib Strike (http://rsg.ms/5632299)

- Perrera Beach (http://rsg.ms/7eff36f)

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My wishlist is small and is something I stated before but only applies to Captures.


  • Chase if Captured: Once a team has captured the object or vehicle, actors placed in vehicles and aircraft will then begin to chase down the players. The actors in the aircraft will not be visible on your radar until they attack.
  • Field of View: The Lost in the Bikers Set-Up and the police all have a field of view. We should be allowed to turn this option on for our actors to promote the use of stealth within captures. If you are seen, the enemies will work together to attack the team(s). This would work best if we had...
  • Single Team Capture: You know those jobs like Potshot that function like a GTA Capture but only includes one team? Why can't we make that? Imagine being able to turn our 2 team captures into something that resembles missions to a high degree. My Insurgents capture doesn't function as planed because it was modeled after a mission designed for 1 team of 4, not 2 teams of 4.
  • Cutscenes: In Potshot, once you deliver the van, a cutscene will play. You can take the cutscenes that Rockstar made for missions and use those. People can get creative with it. (As long as it is in the bases are in the right spot.) This will add for some amazing captures. Not a necessity though.
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  • 2 weeks later...

the Capture Creator could benefit from having a minimum player setting, its the worst thing when you can only ever get a 1v1 or a 1v2 going in a map because the timer runs out

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