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Richard Attenborough dead at 90


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Another one. Of course, being a kid in the 90s, I remember Attenborough as the millionaire owner and creator of 'Jurassic Park' (Spared no expense), as well as Kris Kringle in the 1994 remake of 'Miracle on 34th Street'.


But the film I enjoyed him in the most was the classic The Great Escape. Attenborough played a British Officer imprisoned in a German POW camp, where he devised a plan to free himself and the rest of the prisoners by digging tunnels.


He was an excellent actor, and has left a legacy in film that will be remembered.


Edit: Jeez, I forgot to mention he was a very excellent director as well. Winning multiple Oscars for his film 'Gandhi'.

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Rest in Peace Mr Attenborough. Very sad, but what a great age to live to at 90.

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Oh man. Another great one is gone.


Rest in peace, Big X.

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Also, he directed 'A Bridge Too Far'. My third favorite WWII film. The first being 'The Great Escape'. (And the second being 'Stalag 17')

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Oh damn! Another brilliant actor!


I actually thought at first it was his brother who died. I always get confused between the two and I always get it wrong.


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I love his movie Gandhi, such a masterpiece, I didn't know he acted in Jurassic park. I was surprised. Really good actor.



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