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GTA series is misunderstood by fans often.


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But the HD games are SO!!! scripted - Their missions are in such a straight line to th end of the story - feels like there is only one path e.g. linear - its just feels like R* are trying a movie in a game (and therein lies the problem).


In all the PS2 GTA it felt like you were in the world and going around doing jobs for people you meet, it just felt like you a criminal doing all the jobs you could do compared to the HD games where it felt like all the missions were just leading you along a straight line to the end of the story.-



The funny thing imo is the more realistic they try to make it the more i pay attention to how unrealistic it actually is (if its supposed to be super realistic then every thing has to be super realistic or it just seems silly)

The FBI/CIA thing and really most of the story is so silly as well as almost all the dialogue (i just had to skip every cut scene, it was just F U, F U...)

WIth the PS2 games the games actually felt more believable because they didnt try to be super realistic in the first place.


I wouldnt say the gameplay stuff always sucked, if anything it was better back then relative to its time (SA especially was pritty good for 2004) compared to now. The Shooting and stuff now is very poor compared to other games out there now.


The story really wasnt that very important in the PS2 games, it was more the whole experience of the game, world, etc....

Now in the HD games all there is, is the story.

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^ Exactly.

The GTA definition revolves mainly around only, two factors, "Protagonist and the Story" , and are completely satisfied. Don't get me wrong, I agree, but not at the expense of gameplay which is gradually taking a hit outside story, as mentioned already.

So, GTA series wasn't misunderstood by fans, but it has changed completely in comparison to what I'd like to call -- GTA; 3D releases. Basically, IV and V have pushed the boundaries with high production values, improved animations, physics, graphics, details, maps, etc. and feel like the most expensive games ever made. It gives the impression of the makers, Rockstar Games! While all the previous games even with simple production values and least impressive storytelling, and technically, managed to easily offer "MORE GAMEPLAY " with equally excellent things to get the most fun out of them. It gives the impression of the game from Rockstar developers, for their fans and the GTA players.

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So, GTA series wasn't misunderstood by fans

Osho don't mix what we're talking about with the topic. We are talking about SD/HD games and what's better.


I still call bullsh*t on the "scripted missions". Freedom in the missions are about the same, some are very scripted others have more freedom, you guys just want to relive your youth.



Edit: How many ways can CJ follow a train or Tommy beat up a couple of chefs for example...Just bring me a mission with the sense of freedom you guys romanticise so much.

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It's all fine and good, yes the driving is easy on GTA 5, and it's good for not scratching your cars. I don't have a problem with the twitchy controls, I have a problem with the super grip, and the lack of suspension, and the fact that the back wheels of the car stay perfectly straight, as if the car was being dragged by a tow truck from the front, you can turn on a dime. GTA 4s driving problems were like 5, 4s cars didn't have enough weight, they would be rolled over to easily. 5s cars also don't have enough weight, but they have super grip, and only get rolled over in fib cutscene lol. GTA 4s driving doesn't have enough grip, and whatever it's called, they lean to much to the right, and left when you make sharp turns, and rock back and forth to much when you stop and go. GTA 5s cars even a tank can stop on a dime, GTA 4s cars braking system is just a little slow, meaning you should be able to stop slightly faster/easier, but not by a lot. What makes the difference between GTA 4's driving and GTA 5's driving? GTA 4 gives you a medium level challenge while driving, and GTA 5 (unless on some type of drugs) is easy, simple, and feels...... dumbed down, if that's the word? They removed what little challenge there could have been, so now it just feels Arcady, but also like a racing game for 6 year olds just developing hand eye coordination. Let's put it like this; GTA 5 driving would be challenging...... is challenging, and fun, only for this specific age group. I'm 18 now, and I remember being 6 years old (playing my ps2 games yes I remember all of it, and my skill level then(got destroyed by mom who didn't even know which buttons to hit and had to look at the controller to know which button she was hitting every time) lol), and this would be... DRIVING wise, Rock Star's perfect target audience. But I prefer GTA 4s driving especially since Niko's driving is finely crisped (meaning Niko is a great driver who is at his maximum driving skill potential, but is also a little better than he should be because he isn't as brain dead as every other drugged up criminal in LC) I actually think that compared to Franklin's reputation as a street race that Franklin is a more fearless driver, but Niko is a more finely tuned corner navigator, but i actually think that Niko and Franklin's skill ( if Franklin's driving skill is maxed out) are even, but each have their own strengths when it comes to driving. Luis's is between great and above average driving skills, and Johnny's driving with cars is well....... Between average, and blind, but with motor cycles is like 3/4 a way between great and above average, leaning more towards great. So GTA 4 even takes more time to self individualize the driving skill proficiency of each individual character more than GTA 5 does. Which is why GTA 5 pisses me off. Because I can overlook the hype, dysfunctional story, nothing to do rewarding in a huge world, the 720p, the disproportionate character sizes vs iv, and a story line unlike its' driving, has no grip. But......a lot of freaking time is put into driving, so for it to be so piss poor makes me pissed off at the wasted potential of a game like RockStars'.

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