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Mobster GTA


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What if we had a GTA from around the 1920s or 30s during the Mobster era. I think from how much people love the old cars and the Valentine's day DLC I think it would be a fun game. I just want to know if you'd want this and what'd you want in a game like this story wise and Online.

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That would mean no iFRUIT phones and super sports cars. No planes, no choppers, no gps.

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Although the newer, Mafia 2, is more of a GTA styled game, I liked the original formula, used in Mafia TCOLH.

They had a nice blend going on there. It was certainly not a GTA.

Edited by CasualSergiu
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We definitely need a good sandbox set in the Prohibition era.


Although it's not very sandbox-ish. It does offer hours and hours of fun even with the Free Ride mode.

Edited by CasualSergiu
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Well Mafia is Prohibition only for the first couple of missions. What I meant is a game set during the 1920's where you can rise up to be the baddest gangster/bootlegger in town.

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I would rather have a Mob based game in the 1960s/1970s


Prohibition is nice and all but I don't see the GTA series going that far I'd rather have their brothers at 2k handle that

Edited by Zello
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As a spin off, or big DLC like EFLC, a mob based GTA would be nice. I mean, it's still no brainer that Taketwo took the 'Stories ' license, so who knows what will come out???

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GTA LCS is possibly it. If not, try either Mafia games or the third one which is coming soon they're saying.

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