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Soran Is On

Make Pegasus reclaim a called vehicle?

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Soran Is On

Went off radar to attack a crew of 4 or 5 assholes and was able to pull one of them out of their tank. I was able to kill the guy I jacked for the tank but almost immediately after that Pegasus reclaimed it.


A few messages with this guy lead me to believe he wasn't the tank owner so it must have been another of the 3 other crew mates. Question is how can you make peg do that on command?


Is it as simple as joining a quick job and exiting out? Or like a teleport glitch having to join a race to the betting screen b4 backing out?


Do you have to switch sessions?


This is useful info I need to know.

Edited by stonedpimpso

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They just do it after a period of time. I know of no way to make it instant.

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go to the ps store using the menu, then backout. The game thinks you left and locks the vehicles

Edited by gt3crazy

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Ps store or leave session and have a friend re-invite you


However I think this should be fixed so the vehicle remains until destroyed or you enter an entirely new lobby

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Soran Is On

I was probably too caught up in the action to notice his crew mate leave session and join back in. I was too busy firing the tank and then I kinda freaked out when it booted me out because a second crew member was firing RPGs like mad at the whole debacle. Needless to say I got my jab in and felt quite satisfied with the result. It's just too bad I couldn't have laid waste to the whole crew before getting kicked out of the tank.

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