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Moonlight Traffic

Yung Lean

Recommended Posts

Moonlight Traffic



It's about time he got his own thread. This guy is, in my opinion, the best rapper who ever existed. His main genre is cloud rap, he also experiments in ironic rap, internet rap and meme rap.

You may have never heard of him, well here's some examples of his amazing songs.

If this is your type of thing then you may want to download his free EPs (they're actually free, this isn't piracy or anything), there is two official EP's and an unofficial one, I'll post links to them below.


Sadboys2001 - Official - http://www.datpiff.com/Yung-Lean-Sadboys2001-mixtape.492244.html


Unknown Death 2002 - Official - https://mishkanyc.bandcamp.com/album/unknown-death-2002


Neal Yung 2003 - Unofficial - http://www.datpiff.com/Yung-Lean-Neal-Yung-2003-mixtape.526762.html

Even if you don't like his music, you have to appreciate that he spawned an entire online culture, including the Sad Boys Movement (http://www.reddit.com/r/sadboys/comments/1xjpky/guide_to_sad_boys/)

He even repopularised bucket hats


Best of all are his dances, just look at this, he is a true god...



Driving with the e m o t i o n


Bounching, retro style


Grills, that is all


No drugs for you




Arizona Iced Tea, look at that shoulder action he got going on there


Look at him, throwing them cards like a boss.

And remember, we're all #Sadboys


Keep it trill. keep it iced out, homies

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Is the guy in the videos and .gifs serious? lol


I hope he has a nice career.

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Moonlight Traffic

He is serious and his career is taking off rapidly, his fanbase is tripled in the last three months alone, he has over 73,000 fans on YouTube

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yung lean is rising pretty fast. saw his latest interview with nardwar. needless to say his beats are allways on point.

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Crates Of Gold

Orroz is awesome :colgate:





Top 3 fav songs in order:



Yoshi City

Edited by Crates Of Gold

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My friend and I saw Yung Lean and The Sad Boys last Saturday, they put on a great show. Here are a couple of my favorites that haven't been posted yet:





Edited by Banana

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Mister Pink

Skip if you don't want to read a negative post :p



This is awful, awful music. I detest this kind of "Hip Hop" and I love music. It's hard for me to dislike something unless it's really terrible. That whole newish sound that this guy does and Drake with downtempo, uninspired beats that anyone can throw together with a 10 year old copy of Fruity Loops. The dynamic range is not there. Talk-rap is not hard and it rarely inspires thoughts of creativity or skill. his is a like a sub-genre of new-school Hip Hop where having a down-tempo beat with some talk rap is like the easiest way to make Hip Hop. Anyone can do it. So it don't think artists making this are pushing themselves. It's not like it's Busta Rhymes and you hear some unique fantastic display of skill when it comes rapping or DJ Premier with some golden sample.


It's not all bad. The ambient style of Blinded is decent enough but overall the music doesn't cut it. The style and the formula doesn't even cut it. T


Yes, I don't blame anyone enjoying this as a piss-take but actually taking seriously and supporting is good music is a discredit to musicians and music in general.


Sorry for the negative post. Ignore me I'm just being a grumpy old idiot!


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froggy fresh?

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empire of emotions pokemon lotion. Leans cool and all i guess

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