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Need help calling phone number to start mod from WAY back.

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TL;DR-- I can't get the mod's phone number (in the link below) to work. Hopefully I'm just stupid and I don't need to reinstall something or upgrade or whatever.


Hi, this is my first time posting on this forum. I don't know much about forum etiquette, so please correct me. I've been trying to find the answer for weeks. I posted here because if I necro the mod page no one will answer, plus I can't find the author's email.


I can't seem to get this mod working for me. It is by DerDodga, called ".Net Car Sale". Since I cannot provide a direct download link (it's probably against creative commons license or whatever that people write in mod readme's) I'm providing a link on a site that he/she has already posted it in--




*Note that the author has tried merging this mod with a sort of compilation of other activities, called "Crime Does Pay", although we won't get to that. I found the new mod's controls clunky.


So anyway, the thing is supposed to (at least, how it says it should) work like this:


1.) Call "carsell" in numbers with your phone, repair your car at a garage in East Hook if you wish to for a fee,

2.) drop off the car you're riding to a location that depends on where you are at the moment, and then

3.) go to a junk yard and haggle with the NPC who will ultimately give you your reward.


This has worked before in my other computer, way, way back, maybe five, four years ago, and I have forgotten the version. There are only three versions of the .Net Car Sale at the moment. On my computer back then it worked just like it said it would: call, deliver, take money (no haggling yet iirc).


Now here's the problem: I can't seem to get the phone call to work! I've tried cheating, calling Zit, calling saved phone numbers, still nothing. The only thing that works in the script is the repair garage and the lockpicking ability added to the mod. Without calling, the point of the mod is gone (although I still keep it for the repair garage).


Here are the things that I've tried.

1.) Trying it in, and upgrading to check if it would work in

2.) Reinstalling Visual C++ since it is written in .vb

3.) Tried yaasil, xliveless, Alexander Blade's asi loader, and I think there's another one (but I think that's all)

4.) Tried switching between aru's scripthook and hazardx's scripthook

5.) Leaving it as the only mod in the scripts folder; and even without .asi files other than the scripthook's files

6.) Tried 2277355-555, 555-2277355, (but seriously, the vb file said "carsell" in the first function)


Please tell me I'm just total dumb*** and forgot something.


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Phone number checks are only available on Windows XP, which is probably why it worked on your other PC.

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Phone number checks are only available on Windows XP, which is probably why it worked on your other PC.

Oh man. I'm using Win 7. I just tried compatibility mode, no dice. I'll just tweak the thing. Thanks for the quick reply.


Lock please.

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