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Rigging bug

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I've returned to doing ped rigging after a long time now, but I can't seem to do it.

Every time I export a model (be it edited or unedited), it seems to screw up. In 3ds max it looks *fine*, just that the model's on its side.

I originally used 3DS Max 2014, and the models ended up like this:

But after switching over to 2013 (due to a friend saying that 2014 changed weights so it's impossible to rig peds using it), I did the same thing, but the models just come out like.. this.
(A t-pose model with a few points screwing up)
Anyone know the cause/how to fix this? Edited by Kalvin

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Hello there! I was looking at this post and I've noticed that this problem not only happens to you, but it happens to me too me the same problem, as in the first video

To my way of editing the head of Smoke making this ''BIG HEAD'' in the model and the same thing happens like you video

Whole body is disfigured

Just doing this response to inform you that I also happens to me for you do not think you have your PC or something bad

Good luck in solving this problem (weird problem)

PS: I also use 3DS Max 2014

Edited by Matias_Montanna

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Yeah, I'm not sure anyone even knows how to fix it, which is a shame, after messing around I still don't know the cause of it, sadly.

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Hi, Maybe you should try 3DS Max 2011 or older. Because newer versions often cause bugs.


Did you assign the vertices to the correct bone? From what I see in your video is that some vertices from the head are assigned to the foot bone. Does this only happen in cutscenes? Because cutscene models are different and they have extra bones. You might want to try using Sweet's dff from cutscene.img as reference instead of the one in gta3.img.

Edited by FeisalAR

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Yeah, it seems to be the later versions of 3DS Max, Autodesk must've changed something. I downgraded to 2011 and everything rigs fine now, thanks.

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You have some polygons assigned to multiple muscles that shouldn't move at the same time


Example: Your arm polygons move along with some hip/torso polygons. Just assign them properly and re-export. Make sure you polish it out and select each limb to check for polygons that should or shouldn't move along with it.


If u have skype add me, i'll help you out.

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