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Alive Car Crew {[XBOX 360]}

Skyline Sonata

Recommended Posts

Skyline Sonata

Name of crew: Alive Car Crew

Social Club: http://socialclub.ro.../alive_car_crew

Gamertag: LinkHeroOfWinds

Recruitment Thread: http://gtaforums.com/topic/733638-alive-car-crew-xbox-360/

Meet Status: Monday, August 25th 7 P.M.

Possibly uploaded to Youtube, to be confirmed.

EDIT: We now have at least one member with a capture card. Whenever they are a part of the meet segments of it will be uploaded to his and my Youtube channel. If it is confirmed that he will be there I will post so above in the Meet Status.

The crew will have meets\shows to show off cars, but that will be only a small part of the crew. I intend afterward the crew to have friendly racing competitions, those in-game and simple drag races, high speed highway runs, and drift events. The races are prefered to be clean races, no spinning others out and crashing, unlike many players in GTA V, but there can also be dirty races too. My personal favorite cars in-game are Sports and Super, but you are welcome to bring any kind you like unless there is a meet specific for a type of car.

I also hope that members will be willing to also get together at times to do other jobs and contact missions together, and maybe even challenge other crews for friendly races together.

A microphone Isn't required for meets but is definitely prefered.

I'm looking for mature players for the crew, those who won't start arguments, kill others or destroy cars after being asked to stop, and who is open to other's choice of cars or believes. I'll hope everyone can be friendly and get along.

If I trust you enough and I feel are helpful to the crew, you may be promoted in the crew. Depending on the growth of the crew I might promote someone as a Commissioner (highest rank in a crew aside from the Leader) to be a Co-Leader.

I work from 7 A.M. to 4 P.M. Eastern Time, so if you message me then don't expect a response until later.

(This coming week August 25 to August 29 I will get home at 2:30) Even if you don't live in that time zone or another you are still open to join.

Meets will probably be somewhere between 5 P.M. and 9 P.M. Eastern Time on weekdays, and will vary on the weekend It's likely there won't be any meets on sunday unless another high ranking member wants to host one.

This is the official forum page for the crew. The Recruitment page can be found above, but if you are interested in joining you can post here too.

You can message me on xbox, the Rockstar Social Club, selecting Request Invite on the crew page, or post a response here to join or for any questions.

Edited by LinkHeroOfWinds
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Skyline Sonata

I've already had several responses. I'll either wait until I get a few more to have a meet or if those who did respond are willing to have a very small one I'm willing to do so

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Skyline Sonata

Had enough responses looking to do a meet tonight, I'll post when tonight if i do

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Skyline Sonata

Closed for tonight. went alright to start but people started blowing stuff up and everyone left. I'll try and organize one better next time

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Skyline Sonata

I will be starting another meet on this coming Monday, August 25th, at about 7 P.M. Eastern Time. I have a member in the crew who has a capture card so when he is in the meet segments will be uploaded to youtube on his and my channel. Whenever one is uploaded I will post them in the Meet Status above.

Edited by LinkHeroOfWinds
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