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Looking for a fun crew to do missions and race with (Xbox)


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I'm level 14, 18 years old, and I'm looking for a crew that likes to do missions together, race together, and have a fun time. However I don't want to deal with bullsh*t. I just want to play the game together and meet some new people.

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Mad Donkey74




We need YOU !

yes you reading this right now.

Are you a member of a crew on GTA Online, if not and looking to get in a small crew with definite promotion prospects, give me a holler


Crew/Gang Name: Mutts from Hell

About: fairly laid back, Making money, doing jobs, survivals, parachute jumps and the odd race , mics preferred.

Leader Contact: Mad Donkey74

Social Club Crew Link: http://socialclub.ro...mutts_from_hell




I am currently pretty much a one-man band and looking for Commissioners, Lieutenants, Representatives and of course Muscle.


if you want in on the ground floor to help build a potentially great crew, get in touch

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SC: crew/ls_shootas




Car Meets

Races as a Crew

Missions as a Crew

Hunt down bounties

Rival Crew Battles

Gang Attacks

Rank up our Crew Members

Car shipping (roleplay)

Take over rival territory (roleplay)

Have FUN!!


As you can see from our recruitment thread, we offer help to new and low rank crew members to do missions and races they haven't yet unlocked to earn the most cash possible. If you want help to make money fast to spend on expensive vehicles, apartments and guns then this is the crew for you!

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