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How come The Lost MC didn't have church?

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When I played TLAD, I didn't know much about MC's. So I never really questioned how The Lost handled things. But now I've been watching Sons of Anarchy, and they actually sit down at a table and make decisions democratically by voting. This system seems to make sense.


But in TLAD, it's pretty much "Do what Billy says or get a bullet in the head". How come all the patch members accepted that dictatorship, and how could the MC have survived for so long using that system? I mean as soon as Billy got back in control he pretty much ran the club straight into the ground, and you'd think he'd have done so earlier.

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Drunken Cowboy

That dumb biker soap opera is just some outsider interpretation from would-be badasses as to what an MC would be like.

I don't think SoA or TLaD really depicted the biker subculture totally correct. The Angels of Death seemed a lot more realistic to an American motorcycle club. The Lost seemed like some 1980's London leatherboys the Housers thought were bikers: meth-addled punks with piercings and tattoos all over running around raising hell. I guess to keep their story arch flowing they just made the prez some totalitarian and didn't force the player into regular meetings.


Real clubs are somewhere in the middle of that: they got rules and a constitution, some structure to keep in line, but like Johnny said when he took up prez he just sees himself equal with his other brothers and he just wants the club to be about having a good time.

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The Harwood Bitcher

Gameplay purposes

Its not the same thing having well organized bikers planning and agreeing than billy grey acting like an turd and f*cking everything up

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I'd like to think that kind of stuff happened before TLAD after billy got arrested and Johnny was out in charge, seeing as he made things a lot more civil and all. Then billy comes out and sh*ts all over Johnny.

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I think it´s mainly for the story purpose.If they had voting,then none of Billy´s plans would work because the only member who would always support him would be Brian,and Johnny who opposed Billy´s plans would be supported by Jim,Terry,Clay,Angus and probably Jason.By making Billy a totalitarian leader of The Lost,R* gave him a chance to do what he wants and show how bad leader he actually is.

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