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Alright, well after looking on this forum for several days and not finding a crew that would fit me best, I have decided to start my own.


Top Shelf Crew is a crew that enjoys the finer things in life. Fast cars, fast money, friends and family.


The only requirement of my crew is that you are mature, and don't go around trying to kill other crew members or other players "just for fun."


Having a car in the Super or Sport class is a plus, but if you don't have one, we will work to get you one.


Currently taking apps for #2 and #3 spots, as well as general members and enforcers. Drop an app here and follow the free agent posting template, or on XBL: FrostedMiniNugs


I enjoy racing and completing missions mostly, but I'm up for anything.


Happy Hunting!



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Skyline Sonata

Been looking around the same way myself too, what would the crew do exactly? just hang out have fun, or do you have specific intentions?

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First build up, then we can discuss what everyone would like to do. Right now, I'm working on races and missions mostly.


Planning to do car shows, crew freemode runs, etc

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