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NEW Money & Duplication Glitch 1.16 (Tutorial)


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- A friend

- Garage

- Car you are willing to Duplicate/ Sell




1. Go inside of your garage and invite a friend

2. Get inside of the car you want to Duplicate/ Sell

3. Tell your friend to open your door and get him to run forward on the door and you will need to move the car to blue cicle in your garage

4. Get your friend to stand in the corner of the car and the wall

5. Buy a Karin Rebel

6. Enter your vehicle and press right on the d-pad

7. If done correctly you will be seated in the car and you will be able to rearrange the vehicles in your garage

8. Select the vehicle you want to duplicate/ sell and replace it with the Karin Rebel

9. You will have two of the same car

10.If you want to sell it just drive to Los Santos Customs and sell it for $$


Video Tutorial:



Another Money Glitch Patch 1.16:


Edited by swagordope
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Wasnt this method patched after high life so that you cant get the menu and be in a car at the same time

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This is way old, how is it still working? Lol. I walked into a guys garage and watched him and his mate clone 9 Zentornos doing this months ago.

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The thing is that you will see yourself outside of the vehicle but your friend will see you inside. If this happens you've done it correctly.

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Confirmed working.




1. Driver must begin with steering wheel turned to the right and carefully adjust while friend is running into the open passenger door so that the door sits just over the blue circle.


2. DO NOT follow the step which directs friend to continue running car into the corner. You will go too far and car will get stuck in corner.


3. Think of it this way, open passenger door must sit over the blue circle, you must then have friend remain near open door while you hit Y to sit and then immediately hit right on the D pad to initiate the blue circle allowing you adjust your vehicles positions in garage.


4. This glitch costs $3000 every try, if you get it wrong you are S.O.L and must spend another 3k for rusty rebel


5. Finally, you literally have 1-2 secs to get back in vehicle you moved to blue circle and hit reverse to drive out or else the car disappears.


PS: fully modded Adder will only sell for 120k-144k which is cost of upgrades put into vehicle. Better than nothing

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On Xbox.


Last weekend I messed with this while my gf was out of town, I couldn't get it right because there was one me and two consoles in different rooms - but I could move the vehicles easily (just not quite line it up).


Tried it last night with the two of us, however the cars really do not want to move. The game feels like it's occasionally pulling the car back, and floating the rear end a bit so I couldn't get the damn thing to turn. It's not the same movement I had on the weekend. I wondered if the "floating cars in garages" was a side effect of their hot fix to try and make this go away? Anyway we couldn't get a car to the blue marker - tried Turismo R then a Sultan, buggers would not turn.


Maybe this was just my session, maybe it's hot fixed, maybe it was my car choice or console choice - I'm not sure but it was f**ked up for me last night.

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