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2 Alien spaceships spawned in front of me! Whats happening?


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Okay so this has completely baffled me, i did no glitch that i know of to cause this but i went into a lobby and heard an explosion immediately as i joined, then after everything loaded i realized it was a civilian car that exploded and i just thought, oh maybe it crashed or something or maybe there's a chopper, i walk like 2 steps towards it and the alien spaceship just loads so of course i quickly grab my iPod to take a picture (See links below) i look around and boom! there's another one that's on a slant like its crashed, then i realized the spaceship must of spawned on the car to blow it up so that's the explosions cleared up but what the hell!? where have these come from!



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In other words....hackers/cheaters/etc.


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its not that, because its literally just happened again while i was playing rooftop rumble on my own..

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its not that, because its literally just happened again while i was playing rooftop rumble on my own..

Did you restart your game at all? Objects that are spawned usually stay between sessions.

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Tails Prower



They appear again because they're still in the game cache so you need to move away from

Legion Square and do other things to clear them from your game map.

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I've hopped on numerous servers, restarted my xbox and so forth, everytime i go to that certain area on the map near the rooftop rumble parking lot, alien spaceships appear..

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just some stupid kids' using a mod menu from youtube' to really get rid of it' unplug your xbox' for a min or two and plug it back in for it can clear your game cash' that allways works for me'

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