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Since when do you get 3* on blow up?


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I just did the first blow up mission and got 3* since when do you ghet 3* on this mission

Yes, this happened to me last night when I joined a Blow Up mission. We had to run around like hell to get rid of those stars. The good news is that it took so long we got a decent payout, which is a first for a Simeon mission.


I suggest Blow Up III, which does not have any cops -- just kill some fools down at the dock and blow up the cars, and I think you are free and clear back to Simeon's.

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I did it last night and only got 2* I'm thinking that I might of forgot to switch it to hard last night? I don't care though because I just made 13k on a simeon mission lol.

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If you move the cars closer together and plant a single sticky bomb, you can make your way to Simeon's before you detonate and not have to worry about the cops at all. You should also know that moving a couple of the vehicles (zion cabrio, tornado?) will trigger silent alarms, so move the other cars. This works for Blow Up I, II and III (no cops on III, like mentioned above.)

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Seems to me to be random. Did this mission the other day (in a buzzard just for the fun of it) and got no stars at all.


Did it again today (this time in a tank for the fun of it) got 3 stars. I just thought it was because of that.


Must try it again but using the good old stickys.


Could be all new thing since 1.16. I've noticed a few alterations to a few missions since Tuesday.

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I've always gotten 3 stars, which is why I've always hidden in the train tunnel before setting off the bombs

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Yeah bro. You always get 3 stars. I mean, you are blowing up like 5+ vehicles. Try that in real life and you'll understand why helicopters and law enforcement will want to kill you.


It's terrorism!!

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