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Is Dimitri Rascalov the biggest backstabber in whole GTA series?

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No Lance vance is. Dimitri gradually by betraying you midwayuntill the final confrontation. Lance jumps ship and sides with Sonny forelli right in front of your face at the final moment. The first time I saw that I was like "oh hell no!"



I'd say that depends on who you ask. Hell, maybe Tommy Vercetti's one of them.


What's that supposed to mean?


It all depends on the person's perspectives. Tommy, despite his intentions, stabbed Sonny Forelli in the back.

Yeah but Sonny had him set up and he served time for 15 years and when he got out Sonny used him so all's fair....

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Voit Turyv

No. Lance Vance and Big Smoke are.

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King Courtney and the Yardies in general.


No GTA III and Liberty City Stories playthrough is complete unless you go on a killing spree of killing at least 500 Yardies.


What? They never get their comeuppance so I need to give it to them.

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Literally speaking, it's Big Smoke.

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Brian Grey

I don't think Dimitri would be the biggest backstabber as Niko was probably seen as just another hired goon who they made do all the dirty work and the lifestyle Dimitri lived he wouldnt feel much empathy for Niko Bellic and I do recall Niko was sent to kill a relative of Dimitri ordered right in front of him by Mikhail Faustin.


Billy Grey would be the biggest backstabber in GTA IV and its DLCs as he was a childhood friend of Johnny Klebbitz, Niko was just a hired goon working in the criminal underworld that attracts dirty people like Dimitri

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iiCriminnaaL 49

It's been 'round a year and half. But, eh... never mind.


I guess Big Smoke and Billy Grey are heading this title. In my opinion, Billy's betrayal was the biggest one and most heartbreaking one; just like Smoke to CJ and Sweet, Billy was a childhood friend of Klebitz, Jim, Angus, Terry, Clay, and Jason, his bike was built by Johnny, Jim and Angus (as far as I remember), they were in The Lost MC for many years, they spent most of their childhood and teenage together. What even makes the betrayal worse is when Billy says "You're my brother, Johnny. Always", then know that the Triads' ambush was planned by Billy, requested the Triad boy to execute Johnny and Jim, watching Billy has already crashed the bike that was built by his childhood friends, shouting "You set me up, Johnny! You set me up. You're dead! You're dead!" just to start a civil war inside the MC, blaming Johnny in tries of getting him killed. And then he sells The Lost out by selling information for the FIB, so that they can take the MC out. (noting that just recently he was still the president of it, for a couple of years I suppose)

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Jack Lupino


The biggest backstabbers are Either Lance Vance or Big Smoke.

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No. Billy grey and big smoke are. As for dimitri, the only reason he betrayed niko was because ray bulgarin told him to. And, as Brian Grey mentioned above, Niko and Dimitri were never close friends and he was nothing more than a hired goon of dimitri and faustin. Billy Grey was a childhood friend of Johnny whose drug addiction led to his irrational behaviour including betraying Johnny and the lost. As for big smoke, he and ryder did it only out of pure greed. As for Lance Vance, who could exactly blame him for betraying tommy? When he said during the final mission, "This is my operation, mine!", that was the last straw for lance as tommy treated him like sh*t basically throughout the whole game.

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I would say Catalina. She betrayed any man she romantically got involved with.

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