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How to fix my Profile data?


Go to solution Solved by Levianne,

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Must be some error (probably) in there, as I tried to erase everything except that. It didn't help to delete the install data and the patch, downloading them back (installing respectively) didn't fix the issue, that I have. When I start the game it loads the latest save file normally, but as soon I go Online (whichever mode is fine), then I can't go back to Story Mode - eternal loading.

I tried to back up the profile data and delete it from the PS3, but that resets everything, even that, which I need to play Online (it reads "You can't go online, without playing the Prologue first" even when there's a save file, where I'm in the half of the story progress already).

So when I delete the profile data, I have to start the game anew (at least playing through the Prologue) to go online, with nothing unlocked and such. That means, erasing the profile is my last resort. Is there any other method to fix that (ie. with use of some save editors or such)?


EDIT: It seems it isn't a corruption of the profile data, as I deleted it and played the Prologue again, then loaded the save file from before (about 45.something % of progress), went straight into Online (was necessary to play the Prologue just for this part alone - as stated before) and the issue still persists, can't go back to Story Mode! :panic:

It's pretty uncomfortable to quit the whole game, just to start it again, when I just want to play some more in the Single Player portion of the game after doing some business in Online for this day maybe. :miranda:

SP to MP = without any problem

MP to SP = eternal loading

Edited by Levianne
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  • Solution

Fixed. :)

It actually was the one and only thing I treasured over all - the save file! I did erase anything except this. Desperate enough I've deleted the save file in the end (I had a back up of a previous save) and the problem is solved. I can go from Online to any of the three SP characters again. :cool:

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