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Mlitary Rp's/Missions Xbox


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So what im thinking is that at a designated time we can do some military Rp's/Missions, let me explain. So me and my friends like to do these military Rp's/Missions for example, we would come up with a storyline such as that we are a private militia and need to steal a fighter jet from Zancudo to gain new technology, something along the lines of there, (that was a really bad example) anyway it can be simple or complex.very flexible in the sense that we are open to trying anyones ideas. We can go along with something with no plan or plot out everything. We can also Rp against eachother say, one team is from so and so and trying to take this certain intel and the other team is trying to defend it.The only requirement is that you have a mic it would also be preferable if you had something from the new Dlc. I may start a crew to make this more organized, i probably didnt explain very well so if you have any questions then ask below :) If your interested put your Gt below, thx :D Ps i would like at least 10 people to get this started to make it more fun ;)

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I would like to try out for your military outfit, I'm down to do about anything. And im very experienced

In role-plays please send an invite when ever you are on. Thank you.

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