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Like playing the Sims? Do you wish the Sims and GTA combined? Well now it has...sorta. The Sims GTA Crew is strictly a role-playing crew. We play GTA as if it were a life simulation game like the Sims, of course with a little GTA mayhem sprinkled in. Members will participate in normal activities such as mountain biking, jet skiing, and any other realistic form of entertainment. Members will take on a variety of RP roles during a session, which range from Police officers to the average citizens. We base our gameplay on the In game clock, meaning if its 1AM in game, you can catch our role-players participating in some night life activities. If its the normal 9-5PM range, our players will be on duty working their desired roles. Communication and Cooperation is key so there are a few rules and regulations that must be followed.Rules And Regulations1. Must have Mic2. Must obey all traffic laws3. Must perform desired Role duties4. Must base gameplay on in game clock. If you think this is the crew for you. Request an invite on our crew page. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_sims_of_gta



Before My Flight To Paleto Bay!




Cars at my Paleto Bay home



Beach day fun! My Enus and Jetski in BG



Updated Crew page link



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