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[REL|SA] GTA Ultimate Traffic Mod


Recommended Posts


Hi , I am posting to let you know that i am still working on it.




I have been a little busy doing other stuff also.

I have added a few things.


Mostly minor critique stuff.

I have implemented a self made timer.

That simply counts up until a number is reached.

Using a local number.

It counts various times and i bypass certain subs until a certain count is reached.

I am testing with it.Various things.

Everything is more structured and easily layed out.


This has helped with the entire project.


I will also post a source when finished.

Edited by turbocoder32
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The parking lot idea someone else has either finished or started already.

I dont know the link or person.

If there isnt one then i will see about making one.

I didn't find any.

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  • 2 weeks later...

A few updates.


I have added all vehicle models that werent within the regular spawn.

Beside the #Sweeper which was already within this mod.


The sweeper will always spawn.

These below will spawn one or any other. At any given time.

When not in range or dead or you steal the car. Another will spawn.

A decent range , randomly. And random actors.


I have added.

Hotknife,Romero,Topfun Van (Berkley's RC),Quad,

Hotring Racer1,Hotring Racer2,Hotring Racer3,

Sandking,Bloodring Banger,NRG-500,Euros,

Glendale Crashed,Sadler Crashed,Black Boxville,

Tampa,Monster,Monster "A",Monster "B",



Any others like the Dumper,Dozer,Hotdog

Cause various problems like being unable to enter certain overhangs ect.

Causing unwanted traffic.


So i am not putting them in.

The Mower, I just dont think they should be spawned.

There are only a few but, If wanted i will spawn one.


If there are any i am missing that dont spawn in traffic let me know.


Fixed a few things. And too many small things.


The no army option has changed slightly as playing the game,

I would want to pick up an unused barrack , maybe.?

So the level six wanted level , will only spawn barracks at roadblocks.

You can always pick up a parked tank or barrack during.

Just not a spawned one chasing you.


If you like the tanks and barracks chasing you , turn the option off.

Just to note, on a level six when this option is on,

There are more police vehicles and they all chase you.

And more accurately than before. Maybe the best it can.


I have fixed a small error when holding down the horn when you are a passenger and the game stuns.


This was cause by a wait 100 delay , which was the only one i used within this mod.

Everything now runs streamed through.


Probably cycles 60 to a 100 times a second.


I did redo the bus script, to incorporate the objects "bus stops" ,

and actors within the same loop.

You also no have to be at a complete stop for a passenger to enter your bus.


Things to do.


When a police man is in a fire fight and kills the criminal , he sometimes doesnt get back in the vehicle.

I want him in that car and driving afterward.


I have been working a small parking script. @damiann69


And after i tested scripts , i went on to test a few other ideas.


I have these now.


I could add, emergency vehicles spawning.? Fire, emerg, fbi, ect.


I could add more parked cars , randomly, near any object.signs ect.?


I could add , wrecked vehicles , vehicles on fire ect.

Hood up, driver out looking at the car. Randomly.


A few others and i am sure you can imagine.


I have enough to add two or three more things maybe.


We will see.

It is almost there.

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