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GTA Story Wishlist


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All wishes only about story and missions please:





What kind of story would you find most entertaining?


How many protagonists or bosses you need for a good GTA game?


Does the story need multiple choices, why or why not?


How long the missions should be? And how many you need for a good SP experience?


How much freedom should gta players have over the ways of passing the missions?


Would you like long cutscenes, short cutscenes, seamlessly incorporated cutscenes or none at all?


Which voiceactors and mocap actors would you like to see in a GTA game?



Please answer to some or all of these questions, or think of a question on your own to create a wish related to story, missions or characters.



Here's my answers:


- A long story with an interesting starting point, a lot of twists in between and a satisfying end.


- one protagonist is enough, three maximum. At least ten different bosses, but no more than 30.


- multiple choises was great, it increased freedom


- There should be a good variety of length of missions, and difficulty as well. min 90 missions, max 200 missions


- There should always be at minimum two different ways of completing a mission. More than 2 preferred.


- Long cutscenes good at the beginning and end of the game, short ones otherwise, so that it doesn't get boring.

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Can anyone explain to me why there are no answers to this thread? Like, don't anyone care how the next story should be or did I just summarize all that there's to be said about tho story?

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