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Is moving a car to (storage) to Garage possible?


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With 1.16 update you can call the mechanic to deliver a vehicle that was previously in a 10 car garage, if you moved to a smaller one, and that's ok.


I have now the Alta St. Apt. (10 cars) and the Paleto Bay house (6 cars), so I was then planning to buy again (because sold it to buy Paleto house, lol) a 10 car garage near Airport (wich will be half price during imminent weekend event), and fill the 4 extra spot with some utility vehicle, that I had to previosuly sell in the "10 car -> 6 car" move, like the WeazelNews Van.


Then, of course, I will move back to the 6-car-house in Paleto Bay, retaining thus all of them.


They will be general purpose vehicles, that may come useful to call while free roaming, and will be pretty definitive (once carefully chosen), so it don't bother me too much the fact that they will not be in the physical garage, but I was wondering if, when you use the arrange vehicle icon inside garage, they can be available to swap, or not, being limitate to the vehicle you can actually see in the garage .


I suppos "NOT", because otherwise there is no point in owning a garage with more than 2 slots if you can freely rotate them in the "showroom", but has anyone tested it yet?



(in b4 "tl:dr", for short version, 1) avoid posting "tl:dr:" 2) simply read the title)

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If you mean moving a storage car to a garage possible, then not that I know of. Hopefully in the future.



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I suppose also that if I get a storage car delivered from mechanic, then drive it inside a full garage, I have to "destroy" one of the car to park it in :lol:

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Biggie Kaniff

No, you can drive in your storage car to the garage and then get the option of which garage car you want to replace.

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I was thinking about downgrading to a Paleto Bay property, but then decided against it. Not only do I expect this new feature to be as buggy as all hell, I'm just going to hold out hope that R* will allow us to buy more properties down the road.

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