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car meet ps3 8pm friday night


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On Friday 22nd August 2014 KILLER_BOYS_2013 Will host what we hope to be a legendary car and bike show, the show will include prizes. All people and cars are welcome for a drive around the city. However, we do have guidelines; there is to be no violence at this event, if there is then that/them people shall be kicked from the session without any hesitation, as this is intended to be a friendly event for all.

As this will be an invite only session you must add KILLER_BOYS_2013 on PS3 and you will be invited to the session at approximately 7:30pm London time.

the prizes will be.....
~$5000 for best car
~$2000 for best bike and possibily more. The money will be traded via putting a bounty on a volunteer, and the winner killing them to recieve the reward.

This is a night time event there will be cruises and races to show your cars off to the and their will also be chances to take a thriling experience of the tour of a multi millionare's apartment and garage and will also recieve the chance to drive one of the most desired cars on the game , the Adder (Bugatti Veyron) wich is owned by one of the hosts of this show/meet.

There will also be chance to show off your drifting and power sliding skills on one of the games greatest beaches. If you have any kind of capture box, it would be great if you could record the full meet and put it on youtube, to make people aware of what a great time they could have at our next meet.

Thanks a lot! There is also an opportunity to join one of the best up coming crews, 4ngels Of 4narchy, check us out on rockstar's social club and request an invitation!

Any questions, just ask us on PS3 messages, be sure to add KILLER_BOYS_2013, and TIA_2013 too, as she is helping to arrange the meet! :beerhat: :beerhat: :catloaf:

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