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[TUT] *NEW* Money Method & Give Money To Friends (SOLO)


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Text Tutorial:


1. Steal a random car off the road (most preferred a expensive vehicle)

2. Max upgrade the vehicle

3. Drive to the mission "Crooked Cop" and park your car in the blue circle

4. Walk into the blue circle

5. Host the "Crooked Cop" mission

6. Then wait until the mission has completely loaded up

7. Back out of the mission then drive the vehicle to Los Santos Customs

8. Let your friend sell it to make money $$!


Video Tutorial:


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1-*off the road

2- are you saying your friend no longer have to be in the car with you and do the same steps?

3- it could be any mission circle

4-why drive the vehicle to los santos customs? Can't friends just keep the car if they wanted? If you go back into LSC after you have done the glitch and upgrade something else you will have to repeat the glitch. Your friend will recieve the message "this vehicle has ben modified by another player".

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Title is misleading. You don't make money from doing this, not sure why you called it a "money method" and the video calls it an "unlimited money glitch". Feels like a bait and switch. This is ONLY good as a way to give money to another person.

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