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Processor or Graphics Card for ENB?

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I have GTA IV and without an ENB, can run pretty well max settings (Except shadows must be High, not Very High) and with some ENB (Can't remember what it's called) I can still run with those same settings. I have found a different ENB however called CryENB 2.0 which I love. It doesn't have the red sky bug with and looks great, but it is pretty demanding and lowers my FPS a lot.


I've heard that since GTA IV was a sh*tty PC port, it depends mostly on the CPU rather then the GPU so I should get a better processor if I want to run the game good. Then I also heard that the ENB mods utilize the Graphics card a lot better so the processor won't matter if I am aiming at using an ENB.


Also I want to run the game with some modded cars so I'd imagine that would require a lot of graphics memory.



Currently I have...

CPU: Intel i3-3220 @ 3.30 GHz

Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 (Aprox. 4038 MB)


OS: Windows 7 64 bit


So, my question is what should I focus on upgrading first? The graphics card or processor?

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You should focus on upgrading graphics card. :^:

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Thanks for the advice, I plan to get a GTX 880 when it comes out.

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That Intel Core i3 is vastly slower than even the basic Core i5. I would upgrade your CPU to start. If you want a better solution overall, split the purchase on a new Core i5 CPU ~ 3.4Ghz and a new GPU GTX 660 Ti and sell your i3 + 640 to recoup some cost.

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