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Mission Payouts


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So I was messing with some low level missions testing the new payout scheme. I got lvl 5 All in the game from Lamar.


You need to steal a baller in gang teritory. So rather than just driving the baller back I started a war in the streets, with the gang. There is an endless spawn of ballers that keep coming. I ended the mission eventually. 17K from lvl 5 mission.



tldr/ Missions with endless spawning enemies, even lvl 5 will get you close to 20k.



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The longer the mission goes the more money you make. If you sit there killing people and get 50 rp per kill you will get massive rp plus the added bonus payout for time taken.

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This works on every mission. Long as you hit past 10 minutes doing any contact job your guaranteed a good RP and Cash payout, I been getting up to $25,000 a mission all day. And no less then 4000 RP.

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