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GTA Online Mini Cooper Challenge. (XBOX)


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1 Hour from now, I will be hosting a mini game for gta online called the mini cooper challenge. If you would like to play send a message to *BronzeAnimal* (do not include stars) He will tell you if you get the Mini Cooper or drive the fast cars. Don't know how to play? Theres one group that gets Mini Coopers, one that gets to drive a car from garage. Mini coopers get a 10 second headstart and the people in cars have to chase them and keep hitting the mini cooper until its destroyed. If you would like to play message BronzeAnimal, and he will tell you which car you'll be in. If you don't have a car from garage you'll be in mini cooper. GT: BronzeAnimal


Once I send message to everyone in game saying GO we start, but mini coopers first. I hope I explained this well, good luck! :D


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