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Reserve Parachutes


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Idk why people saying you have to re-buy them, Once i buy them i just have to go to ammu-nation and buy a new parachute, Go to reserve and click on my reserve parachute thats equiped again.

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Brool cory sto

Disrespect list: Teagle, GiantsGiants, Halal Cyborg and Kifflombro for their AWFUL, UGLY

looking cars.

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so going 2 ammu-nation everytime you make a jump just to put on a fekking reserve pack makes sense to you? Be it paying for it or not? The reserve chute system is a waste of time unless everytime you re-equip the primary chute by getting into a heli, plane etc or picking it up at the top of a building it should replenish both primary and reserve.

No-one is going to go to the ammo shop everytime they wanna double drop out of the air.

FS R* didnt even let you buy/equip it again on the load up screen of a chute jump job. Pathetic.

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you're arguing the semantics of the ammunation menu.


the point they are making is every chopper jump should include both chutes. you silly bean.

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I dont mind buying one everytime but 25k per jump is just outrageous. Parachutes in real life cant be nearly that expensive.

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