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Silver Wing Force - Recruitment Page


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Silver Wings Force

Recruiting Now!



Crew Updates: There has been a change in Leadership. New Emblem which will remain until further notice, we now have 30+ members.



Silver Wings Force is now recruiting up to a maximum of 100 members. So join whilst we have the space available

So if you've had enough of crew killing or wish to move on to a more active and productive crew then you are at the right place. we are a PS3 crew only.


Here at Sliver Wings force we only expect the best this means NO crew killing and communication is key so microphones are essential and you will only be accepted if you speak or English. This is so everyone is more active and understanding of each other and previous crews I have been in have had language barrier problems. these rules are to prevent these things happening.




At no point should we witness intentional crew killing this means no crew killing unless you are doing so for training purposes or fun. Any reports of crew killing and you will put under our 3 strike system. after your 3rd strike you will be permanently banned and will not be able to re join the crew at any time.


Anyone caught fiddling and tampering with the social club crew page such as changing the crew emblem without permission or promoting and demoting members without authorization will be demoted to 'Muscle' until further notice or may face a permanent ban.


Members who are caught stirring trouble and making up trouble with other members to cause a 'divide' within the crew will face an instant permanent ban.


Anyone heard saying anything to highly offend other crew members constantly will be also put under our 3 strike system, however we do expect bad language as this is GTA and people do get edgy when in pressured situations an we do expect some members to dislike others at some point. But racism towards other members or threats will be added under our 3 strike system or if its to excessive we will have no choice but to permanently ban you and report you to Rockstar.


These rules are only put in place to keep a clean and friendly crew and to minimise any stress or depression when playing with is crew as we aim to achieve a strong serious but friendly and playful crew where everyone is equal.


Important Info:


To join this crew simply message me or the other crew members (listed below) or alternatively you can check out our social club crew page and join.


Crew Commissioner -

PSN: Cripticmonkey

Social: Evilm0nk3y


Crew Leader -

PSN: sgtbingey

Social: Ryderfool



Our Crew vehicles are as follows:


Mesa (MerryWeather)

Dubsta 6x6

Dubsta (4 wheel)

Dune Buggy

Sanchez (Original or Livery)


As you can most probably tell from our crew name we are a flight/military/Aviator themed crew therefore military clothing is important and is applied as a rule when we are in crew sessions either private or public.


This crew was established on 20/08/2014 so please expect so delay and changes to the crew.


In-game cash prizes and crew meetings will be posted on the social club page so be sure to be active on the social club crew page. In-game prizes and rewards will not be available until the crew member count has reached at least 40.


SO why not join us today by our social club page:




Or by messaging: sgtbingley or: cripticmonkey from PSN with the following subject message: GTA Forum crew


We hope to hear from you soon,



Edited by sgtbingley
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for some reason the link is not working so if you are interested in joining search: Sliver Wings Force on the Rockstar social club page.

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