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I am out of money on single player.


Go to solution Solved by Im2akillerfish,

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Is there a way to make a decent amount of money on single player? I've already beaten single player, so I can't do the assassination trick with the stock program, and I sadly did not know about it when I played through the game.


Also on an off-topic note; does anyone know if PC players will get a chance to receive the DLC that was limited time only? I honestly hope so as it would suck if I can't have certain things due to Rockstar's prejudice against PC gamers.

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Either cheat or do the side missions like Taxis and all, or if you purchased some property (which I'm assuming you did, otherwise I don't know how you managed to spend around $20 million) do their missions as well every time they call you up.


Or you can just wait it out (again, assuming you purchased property) and wait for your check which takes a week in-game I believe, don't remember.


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most of the income you get from the game is from heists, assassination missions or properties.


if you didn't do that properly then there's really not any quick ways to make money.


i ended up with about $150,000,000 per character and they had about $20,000 coming in each week. michael had $130,000/week.


best bet is just to start the game again and play it properly this time.

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  • Solution

My advice is to always buy All cinemas as Michael. Properties come before anything else. That 550000 income per week is too much to ignore.


P.S hint: If you only have 30 million, buy the 10m and 20m cinemas instead of the 30m one. The 30m gives about 150k per week, but owning both 20 and 10m cinemas gives about 350k per week.


(My Trevor owns the golf club for his income, and Franklin has almost everything else. He however has the most money left; 150 million, so he wont need extra income.)

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Well I didn't do the Lester trick either but made sure that those few million were invested in business now I'm making around 15k a week on Franklin and over 100k on Michael and Trevor. Robbing stores is a good quick way of making a couple of grand, do it twice and it's easy but the more you do the more heat you get. Also taxi driving is a rewarding way to make money if you have the patients for it.

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Its really hard to make money in SP... Im almost at 100% with M. 7millions, F. 12millions, T. 17millions + weekly from properties (max. 30000 with each character).

And Im not good at stock market.

Am i miss something?

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Its really hard to make money in SP... Im almost at 100% with M. 7millions,


Which properties do you own? If Your Michael is down to $7M I'm guessing you have made a lot of purchases.

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save editor, give yourself max money. be free.

This. Definitely this.


Will avoid



Mines down. To 2 lol stupid z type was never delivered waste of 10 mil

This ^ from hurting your ingame wallet.


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There is a way, by collecting 2 hidden packages in the water, but you have to delete the patch, it only works on an unpatched game. I started over to do the stock market. Im sitting on a mill and a half with franklin, and michael as well. Going to do this each time I play single player, plus gonna spam the hell out of it right before the assination missions. The way I found on cheat code central web site (sorry for advertising, but he asked how) So go there, and it tells you how.

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