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TTN$ ( TRIGGER TITANS ) Now Recruiting!


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Motto : That's that Ninja S***



Are a friendly organized crew all about having a good time , helping others rank up , helping others build their money up and reeking havoc across the city. It doesn't take much to get in but there are a few requisites and qualifications.


1. Must have good hand combat skills

2. Must have good gun control and decent aim

3. Don't have to be a Nascar racer but be a decent driver.

4. Looking for decent to good pilots ( air support may come in handy .

5. Must be a consistent gamer

6 can't join and two days later you don't want to be with us ( if you're going to do that don't waste our time .


Colors: green

Every member has a secondary signature color for example mine is yellow. So one of my crew vehicles is green and if it has a choice for secondary color like for the stripe it's yellow .

Most members have two properties . One is for the crew hangout and the other is your own personal crib.



We are growing slowly but fa showly and hoping to get deeper and stronger. We participate in many events and missions including car meets , tdm, lts, races , and survivals. If you want more info and interested please leave your GT and or contact me on xbl at




Or hit up ALJM24 on xbl

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