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Infinite Loading screen(XBOX 360) HELP!


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Listen, I dont have this problem, but i know lots of other people do. My friend and got Gta V around May at the same time, and we have been playing online together as a sort of co op experience. We had months of fun and sh*t, but i digress. WHen the Independence Day update came out, all of a sudden my friend has been unable to load in the online at all. He has gotten it to work twice since then. The loading screen is not frozen, we can still talk in a xbox live party. and it has been a while so WTF rockstar. I wnet through the list of fixes from the flightschool update, and to my shock, no f*cking fix. Now either i'd like to hear a fix, or a way to ask rockstar to please fix this. feel free to leave your thoughts and sh*t, im open to anything.

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