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Requiem Elite Mercenary Crew Recruiting


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Nearly a year has gone by, many a crew have came and gone..many never heard of, many just faded into the abyss of rockstars servers...


Requiem Elite was born from the death of many crews, all members united under one goal...to. f*ck. sh*t. up.

Tired of players that bolster their ranks and money and weapons, we hunt them down..we kill them, and kill them until they cannot handle it and either leave GTA or stay the hell out of our way.


any new recruit must follow these rules:


  • UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE is friendly fire allowed..(add members as friends to prevent)
  • always wear uniform
  • keep requiem as their active crew...or they will cease to be active.

Requirements include:

  • Loyalty
  • Basic flight/shooting/parachuting skill
  • a mic
  • kik messenger for off duty messages or provide email

my gamertag is sheepshagger679

rockstar social club link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/requiem_elite


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