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GTA ONLINE roleplay every day If your online we roleplay


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Ps3 PSN Binooo4Life/ This topic is for people that love it, are new to it Or just interested in open world roleplay. The rules are pretty simple no killing without a good reason, you need a job, if your pulled over by a cop and they find illegal mods on your car it will be towed. The world is based in a private free aim lobby with no map nor HUD and you may start off with a class 1 pedestrian car level 2 upgrades no turbo, if you have a turbo drive at your own will. If there are enough people online then we can roleplay,There really is no specific times nor day for the roleplay you have to buy guns from the gun dealer and only pistols are allowed from the hours of 6:00am to 22:00 pm, we will have a warrant system if you are identified with the same clothes, car, tattoos exd then you will be pursued. Only weapons of Class 4 are allowed in the lobby

Edited by Binooo4Life
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IG Airassault54

I suggest making this more indepth and setting up a time for this event. This will most likely be locked due to little info or rules.

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IG Airassault54

Thxs bro

Looks alot better! Hopefully your roleplay works out! When you have more time definetly update it with more rules. The more the better. I might be able to get out on my friends to join you! Also you need to tell people your Handle/Gamertag so they can msg u!

Edited by airassault54
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