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Besra Vs Lazer


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Just a quick mention to any of you guys who are unaware or believe that the Besra is the faster plane.


It isn't, the Lazer still dominates Jet racing, like for like around 2 -3 seconds a lap on the new tracks.


Besra is a fantastic Jet, & extremely agile, especially around the city, but the Lazer is faster, pretty much as agile & has guns.


Oh, and another thing, I believe that the only way you can use a Lazer in the new races is to get a few people in there & switch it to GTA race, otherwise it locks you to the Besra in standard/non-contact racing, & does not give you the option for GTA race to pick the Lazer if you are solo racing for leaderboard times.



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lazer has the rockets and cannons though, but the besra is easier to fly with.


Yes both are easy, but the Besra is certainly easier & more fun in my opinion, but as far as racing goes it doesn't have the grunt of the Lazer & is not the choice for racing just to let people know :)

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Lazer has more powerful Yaw (due to twin tailfins)


Lazer is more twitchy (seems to be lighter for some odd reason)


Besra has a lower top speed but seems to be more manoeuvrable at full A/B


Besra sinks more like a brick with gear down and throttle down, even if alittle Airbrake applied

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Ok, so I just tried to change the race mode with a friend & also tried to select the Lazer Jet in that race but it is locked to the Besra no matter what.


How are people using the Lazer if its locked to the Besra??? I thought it would give me an option for GTA race if I had an extra person in there but it didn't.

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