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Looking for players on PS3


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Just looking for a decent group to play missions/ muck about etc but at the same time don't take things too seriously

(like kids who take a fit at a minor mistake etc!)

I enjoy playing as a team, and am getting tired of selfish players online. Mics would be good also.

Im on a fair amount throughout the week and at all sorts of times, so if theres any takers. My PSN is the same as my username.


PSN: Craig_Boyd

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Although neither of you are from Toronto or Canada our crew does fit much of your requirements and is open to accepting members from anywhere, regardless of location. We have members who play at different times of the day so Craig_Boyd even though you are in the UK the timezone difference may not be an issue based on how late/early some of us are on. CLEGUNNA we have members who are in the EST as well as PST so regardless of which part of the US you live in you should be able to get on with us and have some fun.


Check us out - http://gtaforums.com/topic/731493-torontos-finest-recruitment-thread-ps3/ both of you are welcome to join!

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Hi, Sounds great have joined on the social club. I'l be online in a hour or so and be on for quite while!

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I'll join too time zone wont be a problem for me waiting to go fullsail in a month nothing but time on my hands

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We are pretty active. There is a core group of players who are on everyday and I usually see a few crew members online whenever I play which is late evenings and nights. Give us a try and see if member activity matches up with your schedule.

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