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Cant get 100%


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So when I was playing GTA V singleplayer on my xbox i thought it would be fun to try and get 100%, When i got to 90% it said i still had 4 Strangers and Freaks left to do (I know you just have to do the franklin ones) When i looked closer into my page on the social club and cheked my cheklist and it says the missions that i havent done are the 3 Tonya towing missions,Uncalculated risks and The last one . I am really annoyed at this BECAUSE I HAVE ALREADY DONE ALL OF THEM (expet Uncalculated risks and The last one, there not showing up on my map) I even replied them to see if that helped but no. I do not want to start all over again because I want this 100G achievment. I know they wont but if rockstar ever reads this can you please just go into my account and set those missions to True so I can continue playing singleplayer and doing all the hobbies and have a fun time. :/


CHANGE [i fixed the tonya missions but Uncalculated risks and The last one are still not showing up

Edited by JustAnyOldGamer
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Hello, welcome to the forum.


The Last One is an Easter Egg mission that doesn't count towards your 100%, it will unlock once the player has completed the game to 100%, although it may not pop up immediately.


The Uncalculated Risks mission is notorious for not appearing. Just type DOM into the search function for this sub forum to bring up lots of topics on this subject.


Please also have a look here--> https://support.rockstargames.com/hc/communities/public/questions/200300136-Uncalculated-risk-Dom-last-mission-

Edited by Barefoot Tiger
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