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When are we getting some English themed dlc


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"When are we getting some English themed dlc"


Hopefully never



I just want to say again, as someone of Irish descent, f*ck England and f*ck the Queen.

I'm Irish(and I mean IRISH, not some stupid murican that calls themselves Irish because their great grandfathers brothers cousin was Irish). You're an idiot.

I'm not an idiot, I just REALLY don't like the English and I search for any justification for those feelings. I may have issues. Edited by GhostlySentinel
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BTW this is one of the reasons I'm voting Yes, Because of you ignorant English pr*cks I've seen so many comments in this thread about the common fat american steroetype, Get a grip America isn't the country that owned half the world at one point and America isn't the country who still has a monarchy.


Why can't you English just accept the fact that not everything revolves around you. BTW R* North is based in Edinburgh which is in Scotland and don't start with your "Scotland is in the UK so R* North is british which makes us entitled to some of the credit" yeah not if this referendum passes we won't be. Hell one of the number one reason's most scot's are voting yes is because we're ashamed to be in the same Union as you people, That and the fact that we're tired of being forced to give your monarchy our hard earned money while she sit's on her fat saggy arse.

You sir are am idiot. You are a typical scot voting yes that really has no f*cken clue what its all about. Typical i hate the English scot. Fanny
Call me an idiot all you want I don't care and I know that bad things are bound to happen if we go independant but if our country is the nation we say we are then we'll be able to take care of the problem with ease.


I'm voting yes because I'm sick and tired of giving the Queen of England money that she is in no way entitled to and because there are some very embarassing things about the English that makes me ashamed to be part of the same union as them.


One of the main reasons that I'm ashamed to be part of the UK is simply because of England's horrible historical timeline, They've done terrible things that makes the UK look bad as a whole, If we have to share a flag with them then the imbeciles of the world will think the whole island is made up of the same people.


People in countries like America, Germany, France and many more have highlighted us as being an English stereotype when in fact barely any Scot's act like English people, A lot of foreigners I have met online and in person have said to me "Where's your tea and crumpet's" and I couldn't help but make them look miniscule, How can you confuse English stereotypes with Scottish stereotypes, Oh wait, It's because Scotland is part of the same union as England which leads the idiots of the world to think we all think, talk and act the same when in fact Scottish people and English people act totally different. Being a Scotsman yourself surely you can understand what I'm talking about.


I know what your thinking, "This guy's point is so irrelevant, It's got nothing to do with real politics" well your right, I know stereotypes are not nearly as important as what might happen to our currency if we part from the UK or how many people will lose their jobs but my point is out of pure pride, It's not logical if compared to the real reasons but it's mine. I'm proud to be scottish and I don't want English stereotypes making the country look bad to the world, Especially to the people who are too stupid to realise that just because two countries are part of a nation it doesn't mean they both act the same.

Who exactly do you imagine did all the fighting when we were busy doing all these shameful acts? The highland regiments, some of the finest soldiers ever to see battle. Your comments sully their memory. I'm proud to say none of my many Scottish friends have your attitude. Many pull my leg about being a soft sassenach, while I mention deep fried Mars bars, but there's no hate.

I personally couldn't care less what you vote, it'll be a shame to see your countrymen leave the union but you've got the right to make your own decisions.

Decisions made with hate rarely have positive outcomes though and I think we'll manage ok on our thank you


Your opinion and I'm not going to argue, it's detailed and has a point. However your getting the wrong idea on what I mean when I vote yes.


I'm voting yes because I don't want to give the queen anymore money purely because I work hard for my money and I don't want to just give it away.


I'm voting yes because stereotypes are one of the worst things that make a country appear bad to the world, Just look at America half the world think's their whole population is made up of 300 pound messes when in fact only half of their population is in the overweight range just like the UK.


I'm not voting yes out of angeR I'm voting yes out of pride.

Your living in the year 1500 if your voting "yes" over pride.


I'm amused by your comments against our English brothers whom we have shared so much with for 100s and 100s off years.


You are just a bigot and I can't wait till fat salmond announces that Scotland will forever remain in the UK where it belongs alongside the Northern Irish, the Welsh and English.

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Some of the responses in this topic...Oh my you are pillocks.


Let us nip this flame heavy topic in the bud before I spill my tea all over my crumpet and it gets too soggy to eat.


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