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I cucked Alex Jones

Police Body Cams

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I'd support this for policemen. Would this camera be a full-on go-pro style camera, something on the belt, or some tiny camera hidden somewhere. Because that can mean the difference.

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El Dildo

it would probably be a similar application as to how they use the dashboard cameras.

it's just there. it's not necessarily hidden, it's not necessarily painted bright neon orange either.


it would likely be a vest or helmet cam similar to GoPro style that is facing forwards capturing all of the officers actions in front of him.

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you can reiterate but you're still missing the point.

do some research on how your local government breaks down the duties of your local law enforcement.


just because a police officer sometimes shares moments of mundane bullsh*t with the rest of us, this doesn't excuse the fact that their job is completely different from yours or mine, and unlike any other job in society. it doesn't change the fact that their role in society requires much more responsibility, scruinty, and transparency than the typical 9 to 5'er.


if you can't even see how a law enforcement officer requires more criticism than the kid flipping burgers at McDonalds, I'm afraid we can't really continue this debate.


I've already addressed those points, but whatever. I still stand by the assessment that if this were to happen it should only be in certain high crime areas and only available if deadly force is involved.


However, people need to be wary about this. If this footage is made available for the DA's office and for police supervisors, you're talking about creating an entirely new era of law enforcement. Hear me out. Fact is, you can sh*t talk cops all you want, people can say they are killers, etc. But at the end of the day, cops are arresting people who commit crimes and do bad things on a daily basis. Sometimes it is the word of the police officer versus the word of the accused, sometimes people can make the case that the cop was wrong or that there is doubt to them commiting a crime. When there's cameras on cops -forget that - you're on video taking a swing at the cop in your house when he responded to a domestic. Flush drugs down a toilet, cop has you on video doing that.


All I'm saying is be aware of that. Having uniformed officers with body cams may result in you getting more than you bargained for. All these people out there calling for these cameras and for restrictions on cops tend to be associated with criminal activity in the first place. 9 times out of 10 cops are making solid and clean arrests. Cases fall apart, or can't be prosecuted in many of those instances. When you're on the police camera doing it? Get ready for your daddy at lockdown, because you ain't getting off anymore.


Then there's the issue of police discretion going out the window. How often have you personally or you heard of your friend being let off by a cop. I'm not talking about speeding tickets. Say a cop shows up to an underage drinking party and rightly so, is more worried about making sure the kids get home safely than locking anyone up. If he sees weed at the party, he probably is gonna let it go if the kids cooperate. When there's a camera on him? He's gonna be convinced to play it by the book and lock up everyone there, because if he doesn't his Sgt. is going to see it next time he reviews the footage and wonder why Officer sh*tbird didn't take care of the illegal substance. Same could go for cops responding to domestics and not locking anyone up via their discretion, certain vehicular crimes, etc. Thankfully detectives will never wear cameras, so the more serious offenses are not an issue... but still, it's something to consider also.

Edited by Irviding
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