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Flight School Lesson Description & Payouts


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Payout depend on which medal you receive and you receive less payout on your 2nd playthough of that lesson.


Total payouts will range from $120,000 to $200,000


Have Fun!


Outside Loop


  • Lesson - Outside Loop
  • Description - You have to do go to the marker and once you hit the marker you have to press the stick forward to do an outside loop, Once you have successfully completed the outside outside loop you will be intrusted to go to a second marker once you hit the marker you will be required to do an outside loop under the bridge once you have done that successfully you will move on to Engine Failure
  • Plane - Lazer
  • Payout (Gold) - $11,250
  • Gold - 0:58 Silver - 1:20 Bronze - 2:00

Engine Failure

  • Lesson - Engine Failure
  • Description - Engine Failure you have to do a steep landing approach as you are coming in aim for the middle of the runway before landing to ensure you have enough power to reach the marker at the end of the runway as soon as you are about to touch the marker with the nose of your plane apply the brakes to better chances of receiving gold medal you must be within 10m of the marker to receive the gold
  • Plane - Miljet
  • Payout - Silver - 5625
  • Medals - Gold - 10.00m Silver 30.00m Bronze - Finished


Chasing Parachutes

  • Lesson - Chasing Parachutes
  • Description - Jump out of a military plane and catch your parachute on the way down, This can be somewhat difficult if you aren't very good at controlling your character while in a Free Fall, Use the Stick to angle down to go faster and pull back to slow down and use L1-R1 buttons to control and turn your character left and right while freefaling
  • Plane -
  • Payout - Silver 5,625
  • Medals - Gold 2.00m Silver 4.50m Bronze - 7.00m


City Landing

  • Lesson - City Landing
  • Description - Land a Titan in the city in bad weather, You have to land a titan in the city while flying between buildings but once you passed the first checkpoint you will loose one of your engines and that will require you to land your plane on the beach instead of at the airport
  • Plane - Titan
  • Payout - Gold $18,750
  • Medals - Gold 10m Silver 30m Bronze Finish


Moving Landing

  • Lesson - Moving Landing
  • Description - Land a Helicopter on the back of a moving truck, You have to land a Swift on the back of a moving truck. Make sure that all three tires are on the truck or you will have to move your helo until they are costing you seconds
  • Plane - Swift
  • Payout - Silver - $5,625
  • Medals - Gold 19sec Silver 25sec Bronze 1:00min


Formation Flight

  • Lesson - Formation Flight
  • Description - This one is fairly hard but just make sure you stay in the green circle the while time and even if you can't just make sure you reach the checkpoint with the rest of the planes and you will move on, You will preform three formation including Close Formation (You will be in the back of the formation), in a straight line (Last In Formation), Vertical Formation (Stacked on top of each other), Full Inside Loop & Half Loop Invert
  • Plane - Bestra
  • Payout - Bronze $7,500
  • Medals - Gold 600 Silver 450 Bronze 300

Shooting Range

  • Lesson - Shooting Range
  • Description - Complete a shooting range in the military helicopter, You will be using the Mahcine Gun & Rocket, This one might be more difficult for those of you who aren't very good with using the Buzzard Gun or aiming non-homing rockets like myself but you still get $10,000 for Bronze using the Gun is the better option as it makes it easier and you don't have to wait that extra few seconds waiting for a reload
  • Plane - Buzzard
  • Payout - Bronze $10,000
  • Medals - Gold 25 Targets, Silver 15 Targets Bronze 10 Targets

Ground Level

  • Lesson - Ground Level
  • Description - Navigate through the course while flying as close to each checkpoint as possible, During the lesson you will be flying under the bridges the lower you are when you hit the checkpoint the better but make sure you skim the water but don't touch the water or you will fail, Controling your speed is a must in this lesson don't use the afterburners and make sure you use your air brakes but only tap L2 don't hold it or you will loose all airspeed and crash especially when going around curves or if you get up too high it is also a good idea to use your rudder instead of using the stick to steal just use the R1/RB-L1/LB to control it so you make slight adjustments that you need instead of making too hard of a correction and missing the checkpoint or crashing all together
  • Plane - Bestra
  • Payout - $33,000
  • Medals - Gold 1.00m Silver 3.00m Bronze 10.00

Collect Flags

  • Lesson - Collect Flags
  • Description - You'll be flying around the map to pick up flags
  • Plane -
  • Payout - $22,500
  • Medals - Gold 2:40 Silver 3:00 Bronze Finish


Follow Leader

  • Lesson - Follow Leader
  • Description - Follow the flight school instructor though an obstacle course around the city
  • Plane - Lazer
  • Payout - Gold $37,000
  • Medals - Gold 2:25 Silver 2:40 Bronze Finish


If there is anything you think i should add or have any extra tips please leave a comment below and i will add it


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great topic mate, would be good to know what the decreased payouts are on the 2nd run throughs for gold?, and the time it takes for each level so we can get an idea of if these would be worth grinding for extra cash?

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great topic mate, would be good to know what the decreased payouts are on the 2nd run throughs for gold?, and the time it takes for each level so we can get an idea of if these would be worth grinding for extra cash?

The payout for 2nd, 3rd and 4th run though are the same as missions were you get full amount for the first time then you get half in each play though afterwards...


If you manage to get gold in each playthough each lesson only take 2-5 minutes to do as you can see some of them have time requirements on them


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ground Level is broken it pisses me off 100 tries and nothing I don't care if GtA online has a problem FIX the DAMN THING

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ground Level is broken it pisses me off 100 tries and nothing I don't care if GtA online has a problem FIX the DAMN THING


Well this is certainly the place to complain about it.

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I hated ground level.


Also the flight instructor is talking like doing the stuff in his school is normal for a military pilot. The npc Lazers at Fort Zancudo show else.

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Some general tips:

You gain Piloting skill for doing each mission (don't know about repeats). Higher Piloting Skill makes almost all the missions easier.

Engine Failure: Mix of Luck and knowing how to manage your kinetic energy. Remember, you can move a bit side-to-side to bleed some extra energy.

Chasing Parachutes: When you come in to land, aim with L1 & R1 together and land on the 2nd ring and your character should end up within the center and get Gold.

City Landing: You are going to stop pretty quickly on the sand and can use your brakes, unlike Engine Failure...

Moving Landing: Be aggressive.

Formation Flight: For the first few formations, just use rudder control (R1/L1). If you are able to stay with them up to the Loops, you should be very close to Gold.

Ground Level: Drop your landing gear (R3) and don't use your accelerator (R2). You'll go slower and should have more control.

Collect Flags: Remember, the actual "collect" area is larger than the one shown; you sometimes don't need to get in between buildings to collect flags. Aside from than, you'll need a few runs to familiarize yourself with Flag locations and develop a good path.

Follow the Leader: You need to be full throttle and make the inverts/knife flights for Gold.

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Lol "Bestra"


No one can get the name right, I swear, lol :bored:


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Lol "Bestra"

Ever since I heard 'Besra' I started to make typos with the Vesr-.... Vestra.


Vestra, Besra, Jesus. Both are the exact same. :sui:

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