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Anyone think flight school is waaay too hard at first?


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The f*cking bridge checkpoint is supposed to be a little righter -.-

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so ground level isnt hard? k den.


I can't speak for everyone else, but I've racked up a lot of flight time in GTA V. So I'm a pretty good pilot.


Although the Besra is a new challenge. It's faster and more sensitive than the other planes.

Edited by Mathew442
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Yeah it may be a little hard, but so what? What's the point in a game that's easy to beat? A game is supposed to be challenging at times.


If it was dead easy, you'd have it done and dusted in 5 minutes, and then be complaining there wasn't more lessons.


I hate when people complain a game is too hard to beat...

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To get all Gold Yes. To complete all Missions, was too easy IMO if the intention is to keep us amused given they have limited replay value....I got 3.8 s off the WR for the last mission and there are plenty of better pilots than me.

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Only crashed once during the Flag one, but done all of them at silvers and golds. It was fun but wasn't overly challenging. Cant see it being too hard to go back and get all golds.

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I hardly fly but I feel for people like me who are beginners really it is too challenging especially with the sensitivity of the besra, one flick of the analog and your in the dirt.

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If you're going for Gold then yeah they expect you to get it perfectly, otherwise I don't see why anyone would have problems with this..


From what I saw, many people finished the classes in less than 10 minutes (again without going for Gold) meanwhile it almost took me a full hour to get at least 7 of them in Gold, gave up on the last 3 and will probably go try them out again one day.


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Not hard at all. I finished everything in gold the first time except for the flagcollection one and the one where you have to grab the parachute mid-air.


Also, it's a school. It's to practice.

Edited by AWEMYGOD
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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas had a harder flying school than this tbh.

Edited by Gorodo
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I think the flight school challanges are more annoying than hard. Take the first one for example where you had to fly after your parachute...ugh! I swear I almost broke my TV. The Besra also handles like sh*t. Tell it to go left, it goes up; Tell it to right, it goes down. It's like a retarded plane.

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its pretty hard to get a gold medal in everything, but getting anything from gold to bronze shouldn't be too difficult

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I still can't get passed the Ground one.

Use first person mode

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I'm stuck on ground level right now and it took me a bit to get the formation lesson complete.

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I just crashed doing the Ground Level one. I mean my PS3 crashed, but so have I about a MILLION FECKIN TIMES now too. Ugh, me and my need for gold medals; I'll just put my plane into a wall/the floor every time I only get silver before I even finish...

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so ground level isnt hard? k den.

Ground level isn't hard, took me two tries because first time I was .5 seconds too late for gold
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I got gold in everything but 2 of the missions... one being ground level which i got silver on my first completion..just take ur time theres no time limit. and the other was the flag mission, I got silver on my first run...Keep in mind that was on Zero sleep as i stayed up for the morning release.... The one that pissed me off was that engine failure mission, to get gold theres no room for error


isn't ground level by attitude not seconds btw lol?


edit: it all comes down to how much time you spent previously in each of those mission situations.. I'm sure the Jet troll who spent all day bombing the lobbies had no issues. My buzzard skills helps me ace the target misson and thankfully titan of a job helped me to gold the engine fail ( after 20 attempts lol)

Edited by phazeone1
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@MadDasher I'm not sure what you're braggin about man but Ground Level doesn't have a timer...

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I got gold for all challenges in less than an hour. Had to replay a few challenges a few times, but you get better each time.


I just wish there was more challenges, and it'd be nice if getting all gold unlocked something (like a new jet).

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It drove me insane. I got gold on the first 5-6 missions and then just silver and bronze..

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