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From GrandTheftWiki :



People have claimed to have seen sharks in the waters of San Andreas. They are said to be just mods, but others claim they're just rare. It is unknown if these sharks actually exist in the game. Some have stated that sharks actually attack Carl Johnson and kill him; others say they just swim away frightened. People have actually mistaken dolphins for sharks because they look similar in game. Like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the sharks in GTA San Andreas are invincible and will not die after being shot. People have said that sharks are only found underneath the Gant Bridge. The IMG tool for gta3.img on San Andreas actually proves that sharks exist in San Andreas because it states that the shark.dff file is in the game. As seen in numerous videos, the shark doesn't even attack Carl Johnson and highly resembles a White Tip Shark.




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No sharks, unless you mod the game.


This is an Olde Game.

Many questions can be answered with the FORUM TOOL: SEARCH.

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