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Cops & Robbers role play (Xbox)


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I'm looking for some people to role play with


So first you can choose your side - cops, robbers - criminal.



Cops and robbers role play




Cops: Patrol Unit, Backup Unit, Airborne Unit, Heavy Enforcer Unit, Spec Ops Unit.


Robbers: Gangsters, Drug Dealers, Weapons Dealer, Heavy Gunner, Driver.


Cops: Patrol Unit is allowed a police cruiser, first or second pistol, light body armour.


Backup unit is allowed shotguns or carbine rifles, medium body armour, a cruiser or van (black).


Airborne unit is allowed a combat MG but is only allowed to use this when in the helicopter, a police chopper or a black chopper.


Heavy Enforcer Unit is allowed heavy body armour, MG, Bullpup Rifle or Shotgun, the heavy enforcer can be dropped off by airborne units or a dark van.


Spec Ops Unit is allowed silenced first and second pistol, all dark clothing, silenced carbine, can be dropped off by airborne or under cover car, light/medium armour.


Robbers: Gangsters are allowed first pistol or Uzi, any low end sports car or below, light body armour and have the ability to kidnap, wear what you think a gangster would.


Drug Dealers are allowed the first and second pistol, no armour, and have the ability to arrange deals. Anything you think a drug dealer would wear.


Weapons Dealer are allowed an Uzi and light armour, they have the ability to arrange weapons deals, wear anything you think a weapons dealer would wear.


Heavy Gunner are allowed Assualt riffles, first and second pistol, and shot gun, medium armour, they can backup anyone who calls but for cash.


Drivers are allowed a pistol and Uzi, they may not use Uzi outside of their vehicle, when someone calls they can pick them up and a requested vehicle type.


All Robbers have the ability to raid and rob, you cannot just pull out a gun and shoot someone. There has to be a reason for it. If someone is taken prisoner you are allowed to raid the police and break them out. You can buy any weapon from a dealer up to the carbine rifle, sawn off shotgun and smg. You are not allowed grenade launchers or RPGs, I may add this in the future.


All police have the power to arrest a suspected criminal when and if they see fit, you cannot just randomly shoot people again there has to be a reason. If you arrest someone you need to call a witness if they have done nothin wrong then you HAVE to let them go, but you may keep an eye on them. If you pull someone over and they don't listen you have the right to shoot their tyres but you have to ask for permission from the central PD. If someone is running don't shoot to kill try to shoot the legs or hit them with a baton. You can raid gangsters bases only if you have proof of criminal activity.


Basic rules -


You are allowed to swear since this is gangsters and cops roll play


If you are shot in the leg you cannot sprint, only jog.


Only call for backup classes when you need it not at random.


You are allowed to deal and race with other gangs, if a fight kicks off. It's the polices problem.


You can choose a base in which you can hide in and plan. The police can raid the base only if they have proof or reason.


Once you choose your main and side class you can make a gang or department. You can name it what you want and base where it's suitable, you may get into fights with rival gangs but the police must be contacted first.


If anyone breaks these rules please tell me SonicDaBOOM


Hope you guys enjoy this ;) I've worked hard.

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Seems a bit complicated

No its not trust me :) Just choose a main class then secondary, and just use the guns that are allowed. and follow the rules! if you change your mind please send me a friend request :D

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Could I be a helicopter pilot as I have the flight suit and I know where to get a police maverick

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